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Board Members

Marie Cole


Marie has been a member of GRRA since 2004. She joined the organization after rescuing her first Golden Retriever. Prior to being elected as President for the years 2021 and 2022, she was the Director of Volunteer Recruitment for two years.

Carol Swenson

Vice President

Carol joined GRRA in 2018 and has over 17 years of experience in Golden rescue work. Her passion is fostering for goldens and she has fostered more than 300 dogs.

Lori Podolski


Lori started volunteering with GRRA in 2014 as an Adoption Consultant and subsequently become involved in many areas of the rescue. In 2017, she served on the board as Director of Dog Ops for two years and in 2019, she served as President for another two.

Susan Swartz


Susan joined GRRA after moving from the northeast in 2006, where she was a volunteer with DVGRR. She started doing home checks and fostering.

Palma Young

Director, Operations/Risk Management

Palma has served in various Board positions to include Director of the Foster Team, Director of Applications and Dog Placement Teams, Secretary, and VP/Director of Operations.

Taylor Lee

Director for Placement

Taylor became involved with GRRA in 2014 when her boss had a family member who had a golden that needed to be rehomed and she asked her if she could help.

Amanda Chernenko

Director, Canine Health and Wellness

In 2021 Amanda joined GRRA as a foster, then joined the medical team and eventually became manager and now Director for Medical.  She has dedicated countless hours each week to ensure dogs get the medical care needed.

Amanda (Mandy) Dytor

Director, Intake

Mandy joined GRRA as a volunteer in 2014 when she relocated to the United States from England and has participated in many volunteer roles.

Allison Ehrle-Meyer

Director of CB&T

Allison’s passion for Golden Retrievers started early in her life with having her first Golden when she was in her 20s and has had a Golden Retriever ever since.

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