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About Crema

Crema is a 4-year-old, yellow/red lab. Crema was surrendered to a shelter after her owners said “they cannot afford to care for her and we’re having a baby”. Upon surrender, they disclosed that Crema had been hit by a car when she was younger. Knowing she likely wouldn’t be adopted, GRRA pulled her from the shelter.


At just four years old, Crema is an orthopedic mess. She walks like she’s a 12-year-old lab with bad arthritis. When she came in she was severely overweight at 92lbs. The strain it was putting on her body was evident. She couldn’t walk but 20 steps or so without needing a rest. Crema went to foster but within a few weeks, it was evident she needed some help and went to our trainer for a few weeks. Once she was ready to leave, she went back to her foster. We got her an orthopedic consult where they determined Crema has bilateral CCL tears in her back legs (think ACL for human).  She has arthritis in her elbows, and upon xray, it was confirmed she had at one point suffered an injury to her pelvis which resulted in a fractured pelvis and a torn tendon in her other back leg. These injuries are all consistent with being hit by a car.


This poor girl has really been through it and is not done yet. Now that we have Crema down to a healthy weight, Crema needs surgery on her back legs to repair her torn ligaments. One at a time, the worst comes first.  Recovery will be 6-8 weeks on average with it possibly extending up to 10-12 weeks. Without this surgery, Crema will be in chronic pain for the rest of her life. 


Crema is such a sweet girl. She’s great with children of all ages, very loving, loves playing ball, good with other dogs, active, food motivated, and just wants to be with her family.  We have no idea how long she’s been dealing with all of this, but we are going to do everything we can to help her. 


Please click the button below to donate to Crema's care.

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