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Adoption Application


GRRA strives to match each dog with the family that can provide the best environment for each dog's unique needs. If several applicants all equally meet the dog's requirements, older applications will be given priority.

Please be aware that being approved to adopt does not guarantee you will be matched with a dog.

Applications and application fees (non-refundable) are good for 12 months from the date of paying your application fee.

Things to Consider Before Adopting

  • Golden Retrievers and most GRRA dogs are very active dogs (especially when young) and will require significant daily exercise and ongoing training.

  • Goldens shed year-round.

  • Goldens are large dogs and may jump and knock down children or the elderly.

  • Good dog care in our area can cost $1,200 annually. This includes annual vet care, inoculations, parasite testing, monthly heartworm & flea preventative, quality dog food, toys, miscellaneous equipment, boarding/kennel fees, grooming and other supplies. This does not include any injuries, or illnesses the dog may incur.

  • Applicants with children under six years of age are required to have a physical fence to be approved.

Adoption Fees*

Current GRRA adoption fees are as follows:

  • Purebred Golden Retriever and Purebred Lab puppies under 1 year old: $1000

  • All other dogs under 1 year old:  $800

  • 1 through 7 years old: $600

  • 8 years old and older: $300

  • Senior dog (8 years old and older) to senior applicant (70 years old and older): No charge

* The average cost to GRRA for vetting dogs and the medical care given to each dog to prepare them for adoption is significantly more than the adoption fees. The difference is subsidized by donations and grants. Over 95% of all monies received directly benefit the dogs, mostly for medical procedures and behavioral training. The remainder covers necessary business expenses such as licenses, permits and volunteer insurance. Any and all additional contributions are very much appreciated!

If there are exceptions to this fee schedule for a specific dog, that information will be posted on the dog's profile page.

Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta (GRRA) dogs will have received the following medical care
while in our program:

*Note: These are basic cost estimations below and are subject to change due to necessity, severity, age , location of dog,
or veterinarian performing services.

medical costs.png

Special Testing/ Treatments:

Ultrasound $450+

Skin Testing $66+
X-Rays $250+

Pneumonia Treatment $1000+
Urinalysis $75

Parvo Test $130
Blood Panel $180+

Puppy Parvo/Hospitalizations $2000+

Special Surgeries:

Tumor Removal $950+

TTO/TPLO (knee) $4400+/per knee
Aspirates/Lab $250+

Spay/Neuter $500+
Entropion Eye Surgery (per Eye)$400+

Wound care, exploratory surgeries, amputations ($ Varies)
Hematoma $800+

Hips: FHO $1200+/per hip

Total Hip Replacement $4000-$7000/per hip

Application to Adopt


About Your Home

Caring For Your Dog

Dog Ownership and Experience

Breed Information and Preferences

Breed Preference(s):

Other Information

Veterinary Contact Information

Reminder: Please advise your vet that we will be calling for references. Your application may be held up if you do not advise the vet to release this information to us.

Terms and Conditions

The information I have provided in this Adoption Application Form is accurate and complete.

I understand that the completion of this application does not in any way guarantee that GRRA will adopt a dog to me.

If I adopt a dog from GRRA, it will reside in my home as a pet. I will provide it with adequate shelter, food, water, training, affection and medical care, including monthly heartworm preventatives.

I understand that I must consent to an interview and a home visit before approval to adopt a GRRA dog is granted. Reference checks may also be required.

I understand and agree that GRRA may refuse my application for any reason at its sole discretion, and I hereby agree not to sue or take legal action against GRRA in the event my application is not approved or I am not able to adopt a GRRA dog.

If my application is approved, I understand that there may be several meetings with rescue dogs and their fosters before an adoption is finalized.

I understand that prior to adopting any dog from GRRA, I must sign a mutually acceptable Adoption Certificate and Indemnification Agreement, which shall be provided by GRRA.

Thanks for submitting!
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