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Foster to Adopt Program (FTA)

This is NOT the same thing as a volunteer fostering and adopting their foster dog.  This program is available ONLY to new Applicants.  The purpose of the FTA program is for GRRA to bring more dogs into our program and place them with new loving families rather than going through our traditional adoption process.  We simply do not have enough volunteers to foster all our incoming dogs.


Once an Adoption Applicant (Applicant) has been fully screened and interviewed by one of our Adoption Consultants (Consultants), all efforts will be made to find the best match for the Applicant from one of the dogs coming into our program. An Applicant can elect to adopt a dog (a) which has been screened in one of our foster homes (described under Traditional Adoption) or (b) through the FTA Program by "fostering" a new incoming dog in their home with the intent of adopting that dog.  


Under the Foster to Adopt (FTA) program, the Applicant picks up the dog at the vet's office after it has been fully vetted to take the dog to their home.  While on a case-by-case basis, the Applicant usually has seven (7) days to decide if this is the new forever dog for their family or not.  An exception would be if the foster dog has medical issues for which it is being treated.  At the end of the 7-day period, the Applicant will either (i) sign the adoption contract to adopt the FTA dog, (ii) continue to foster the dog until another potential adopter is identified or (iii) return the dog to GRRA to be placed with another foster family. It may take GRRA up to 72 hours to locate another foster for the particular dog.  Whichever option is chosen, members of the FTA team are there to support the Applicant.  All the information that GRRA knows about the dog is disclosed to the Applicant prior to the initial meeting and pickup of the dog from the vet. When a new Applicant speaks initially with his/her Consultant,  the FTA program is discussed in more detail and the Applicant will make the decision which is the best route for them to go to identify their new forever dog.

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