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Amanda Chernenko

Director, Canine Health and Wellness

Between 2009-2010 Amanda was a foster for Adopt a Golden and has fostered about 10 puppies in a little over a year and a half.  Assisted in potty training and basic obedience with these puppies while searching for their forever homes.  She only stopped fostering to resume pursuing a Business Management Degree.

Between 2012-2016 Amanda participated in the Best Friends Blood Bank.  Amanda’s first two goldens, Rylie and Bentlie, were blood donors for Best Friends Blood Bank. They each successfully donated over 20 times before they aged out of the program at 7 years old.  This was our way to give back while Amanda was unable to volunteer in any other capacity.

In 2021 Amanda joined GRRA as a foster, then joined the medical team and eventually became manager and now Director for Medical.  She has dedicated countless hours each week to ensure dogs get the medical care needed, appointments made, medications given/refilled and documentation is up to date.

Amanda is pictured here with her permanent foster, Daisy.  Daisy was surrendered to our rescue in March of 2022 and it was determined that she was in the beginning stages of kidney failure so with this news, she was made a permanent foster and will live out her days with Amanda and her loving family.

Amanda Chernenko
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