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Paws for Success

Paws for Success focuses on the behavior modification, training, and socialization of dogs that have been surrendered to GRRA with needs identified during intake, with a foster, vet, or FTA. Paws for Success customizes the program based on each dog's situation which can range from a board with behavior modification, socialization, and obedience training to in-home support for fosters, adopters, and FTAs. 


Any Adoption Applicant (Applicant) considering a dog in the PAWS program will be required to attend three meet and greet sessions prior to adoption.  During these sessions, GRRA's animal behaviorist and team provide education and training for the Applicant on the customized program in which their dog participated, to have consistency of what the dog has learned is followed.  Post adoption support will also be provided for each dog. 

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