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Ella’s Journey

Ella and her babies

Found as a stray near a dangerously congested area, Ella entered the GRRA program. She was getting prepped for spaying when the vet felt seven little spines in her tummy! Ella was going to be a mom and soon! She was placed with a loving and experienced foster who assisted Ella in the beginning of labor. But Ella's labor wasn't progressing well so she was rushed to the hospital and delivered 5 babies. Sadly, two of the babies didn't make it but Ella and her puppies are progressing nicely.

We hope you may be able to help us by providing a donation for Ella and the puppies. Please select what you would like to give. Check back with us to see their progress!

  • Toys - $10
  • Treats - $25
  • Food - $35
  • Defray the costs of medical care - $50

Georgia Gives 2018


Please share your love for dogs by helping Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta continue its mission of rescuing, caring and placing Golden Retrievers who have been lost, abused or neglected by participating in the GAgives campaign. The GAgives campaign is an annual event sponsored by the Georgia Center for Nonprofits.

Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta is an all-volunteer organization. Our largest expense is medical care (e.g. spaying, neutering and heartworm therapy) so that the dogs are healthy and adoptable. Last year, we incurred over $83,000 in medical expenses. We endeavor to keep the veterinary expenses as low as possible by securing discounts from affiliated veterinarians. However, even with discounts, the average medical expense is more than $600 per dog and the average cost to treat a dog with heartworm is over $1000.

GAgives Day is Tuesday, November 27. We hope you will consider making a gift to support us. Thank you for helping insure our rescued dogs are healthy and adoptable.

Dog of the Month -Jefferson


Hi, I'm Jefferson! I hope my beautiful brown eyes are talking to you. Going for walk, sleeping, playing with the other dogs at my foster home and being pet are some of my favorite things. I have excellent manners and am house trained. There aren't any children or cats at my foster home but I'm very low key so I'm probably good with both. Initially I'm a little timid but warm up with treats and encouragement. I'd love to come and live at your house.

Happy Tales-Mollie


I had the great fortune of adopting Mollie (now Mollie Grace) from GRRA this past April. I have always had dogs in my life, but I never owned a Golden Retriever. When I lost my amazing Labrador Retriever, Bella, at 17-years-old last year I was heartbroken. I knew I’d get another dog someday, but I did not expect it to happen so soon.

I became aware of GRRA during my time with Bella. My good friend adopted a 2-year-old Golden Retriever from GRRA named Atticus (now Bentley). Bella and Bentley became fast friends, Bella taught Bentley how to be a great dog while Bentley kept Bella young and playful. They were best friends and spent a lot of great times together. I have very fond memories of them together.

I was incredibly lonely once I lost my sweet Bella. I finally made the decision to adopt from GRRA so I could have time to train and play with my new pup. Being a teacher, I have the opportunity to enjoy some time off during the summer months and I knew I wanted a furry companion to accompany me on my adventures!

I began the application process with GRRA and I was amazed by the thoroughness and knowledge of the adoption consultant. Every step of the way I was told what to expect and I understood that the most important aspect was to ensure that each dog adopted went to the right type of home and owner. I appreciated that so much because my biggest concern was not finding a dog that would be a good fit with my lifestyle and vice versa.

I attended my first adoption day and met lots of cute dogs. I had been given information about dogs that might be good matches prior to the event so I knew what dogs I’d be focusing on. If not, I would want to take every dog home the moment I met them! My adoption consultant, Amanda Dytor, prepared me on what to expect and I finally had the chance to meet her that day.

There were so many great dogs there, but the ones that I had my eyes on did not seem like they would be a great match due to me being single and not having other dogs and/or children. I was discouraged at first, but I understood the reasoning behind the decisions. I knew there would be another adoption day where I might find my future fur baby.

I was about to leave that afternoon when I noticed a beautiful dog that was near the front of the store. I noticed her during my tour around meeting the other dogs, but I couldn’t get a good look because so many people were around her. I decided to wait and see if I could get more information.


I learned that Mollie was a three-year-old Golden and I had a great conversation with her current foster, Susan Swartz. I voiced my interest in Mollie, but I really did not think I’d be able to adopt her since there were so many interested people --- mainly families --- and I figured they would have a better shot than I would.

I received a call when I got home from Amanda, my adoption consultant, letting me know that the foster, Susan, would be in touch with me. I was elated, but tried to keep my cool as I did not want to get my hopes up.

About a week later --- after an official home visit and a great discussion with Susan --- Mollie became a part of my family!

I could not be happier and I think Mollie feels that way too! She is such a sweet dog and loves going for walks and hikes or just taking a nap with me on a rainy Sunday afternoon. She definitely wants for nothing --- other than chasing those pesky squirrels in our yard. She absolutely brings joy to everyone she meets!

Thank you GRRA for being such a great organization. From beginning to end, there was always someone there to check in and keep me informed. Your devotion to the dogs is amazing and I always sing your praises to anyone who will listen.

Tania Lehman


2019 GRRA Calendar

2019 Calendar Cover

GRRA 2019 Calendar is Now Available!

The cover is award worthy! The photos are stunning and you will love being able to write on the days that we left white for just that purpose. Order your calendar today for just $20 which includes shipping and handling or come to Adoption Day and save shipping. Buy 4 and get a 5th one free! 100% of the money goes to the medical treatment of our orphans.

2019 Calendar Back

Pay Online

Pay Via Mail

Prefer to pay by check? Send payment to address below. Please be sure to include mailing address, phone number, and email address in case we have questions regarding your order.

Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta
P.O. Box 7743
Atlanta, Georgia 30357

Rescue Romp 2018

Register now for the "Romp" for $20! At the gate-$25!

Happy Tales-Georgia


We lost our beloved Golden, Joey, in June 2016. After about 18 long months of waiting for life to calm down, we decided we were ready to be dog owners again. And we really wanted a rescue dog this time around.

Friends kept suggesting GRRA, so we started the process and quickly got a call from Amanda who took us under her wing. We went to our first ---- and turns out only ---- adoption event.

We were introduced to an 86 lb., 11 month old named Georgia. As rabid UGA fans, her name peaked our interest. Almost immediately, she absolutely stole our hearts!

She is a goofy girl who loves walks, sticks, and tennis balls. She is forever trying to make friends with the crotchety, old resident cat. She has brought so much joy to our lives. Everyone that meets her can’t believe she was a rescue.

Both Amanda and Georgia’s foster mom, Allison, were absolutely awesome to work with. My husband and I would like to thank Amanda, Allison, and everyone involved with GRRA for such a great experience and for taking care of our Georgia until she claimed us as her forever family!

Ellen Crosby


Dog of the Month -Sasha


Hi, I’m Sasha. I am just an all-around great girl! My foster Mom has this to say about me: “Sasha is a great dog, loves to play and is a lot of fun to be around!”. I’m well-behaved in the house and have great house manners (I’m house trained, don’t beg for food and don’t chew or touch things that aren't mine).

There aren’t any kids in my foster home but when I’ve met them while I’ve been out-and-about, I haven’t paid much attention to them. I get very excited when I see other dogs but I am gentle when I meet them. If there’s not another dog in my forever home, I’d love it if I could play with neighbor dogs or go to dog parks.

I’m great in the car and love to go for walks (sometimes I get distracted when I see other dogs, people, small animals, etc.) I didn’t know any commands when I arrived at my foster home, but I’m smart and will learn quickly.

I was a little skittish when I first arrived but I’ve gotten more comfortable and have relaxed a lot. I was afraid of the TV, but foster Mom has left it on so I can get used to it. I’m a lot of fun and will make a great best friend to a deserving and loving family.

Dog of the Month -Charlie


Charlie is looking for dog savvy foster or foster to adopt . Charlie is one of the hoarder dogs, and he has been with us since early March - he has come such along way.

He is a sweet boy that loves attention but you have to go to him to give it. He is still wary of humans but he knows he is safe with me. He will now let people approach him, pet him and give him treats. The trust he has in both me and my 2 dogs is huge. He allows me do anything with him however he does not like my husband the same which causes a trust issue on both sides.


Charlie likes a safe place indoors and does not like enclosed spaces. He loves to go on walks and car rides. I can now take him many places with us.
He has over the months gained a great appetite and loves his food.

Charlie does not have a problem with any other dogs. He feels more comfortable in the company of multiple dogs as he learns at lot from them. Charlie would be best suited in a home with 1 or 2 other well mannered dogs and no children as they move too quick for him.

Ideally, I would love Charlie to go to a home where there is a man in the house who is dog savvy and can teach Charlie that men are okay. Charlie has stayed with my friends for short periods of time. Both of these homes had dog savvy men in the home, and Charlie was perfect and no problem at all.

Amanda Dytor, Charlie's foster mom

2019 GRRA Calendar Contest

UPDATE: We're no longer accepting bids. Stay tuned to read about the winners!

Sorry for the rush, but the goal is to get the calendar to press and out in time for Rescue Romp in October. We have a Graphic Designer and a Marketing Specialist designing our calendar this year, so it should be spectacular! You are bidding on a Calendar month large photo, but we will assign the month based on the photo. In other words, if the dog is playing in the snow, it will likely be a winter month. In the pool wearing sunglasses and it will likely be a summer month. We may have room for a few runners up, so don’t hesitate to bid.

All the profits raised from the calendar will go directly to help our orphaned Golden Retrievers. Your donation is tax deductible.


  • A Golden Retriever, Doodle, or a Golden Retriever mix needs to be in your shot.
  • No people allowed in the shot.
  • Only high resolution digital shots can be submitted (Smart phone photos – email the “Full Size Render” option) . You can submit more than one photo for consideration.
  • No payment due at this time. You only submit your bid donation. You will be notified if your dog is chosen for the calendar.
  • All forms and photos due by Midnight Friday, September 7.
  • Bid payments are due from winners by Monday, September 17.


Answer the questions below and submit a high resolution file (1980×2520 – 5MP minimum) to

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Email Address
  • Dog’s Name
  • Dog’s Age
  • GRRA Golden? Yes No If yes, what was your dog’s GRRA name?
  • 2-legged family members
  • 4-legged family members
  • What makes you laugh about your dog?
  • What is your dog’s favorite toy?
  • What is your dog’s favorite treat or food?
  • Where is your dog’s favorite place to go?
  • What other things make your dog special?

Golden in a swing

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