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Meet GRRA's Rags to Riches Family:

Spirit and Her Baby Girls

GRRA (12).jpg

We call her Spirit because we hope she has exactly that, to transform into the wonderful beautiful dog that she is. 


Spirit has been failed by humans, probably since she was born. She found herself as a young puppy in what she thought was a loving home, no sooner than to find herself abandoned! 


This beautiful girl is only two years old, and already had a litter of puppies at around nine months old, while she was displaced from any home or an owner to love her! 


She lost her entire first litter of puppies, only to find herself expecting another set of puppies in her next heat.


These beautiful puppies are now roughly four months old, and Spirit has cared for them in a way only a mother could. Her puppies, although very dirty, all seem healthy and have good weights, but you can clearly see Mama's puppies came first,  leaving Spirit scared, very underweight and covered in ticks and filth. 


This mama has been on her own, unloved, unwanted and uncared-for over two years that all changed.


Spirit and her babies were captured by the shelter last week. The shelter took them in to give them a roof over their heads and regular meals until Rescue could be secured. 


As you know, GRRA could not sit back and watch a family in need without stepping up to do what we do best! 


Spirit and her puppies are all still so very scared and are definitely not used to the human touch. They are going to need time, patience, and lots of love and care.


Mom and the puppies are just the sweetest, most gentle girls you could ever meet, and we at GRRA know that with time, lots of TLC and gentle training, every one of these girls will be the loving, happy dogs they were meant to be. 


Without our dedicated volunteers and the generosity from our supporters, we would not be in a position to help in situations like this. 


As you know vetting a dog is not cheap, let alone providing full vetting and medical care for a family in such need.  We always need your help and, if you can, would you please consider donating a small amount to help with the vetting and medical cost for this beautiful family because they really are worth it? 


To follow the story of Mom Spirit and her pups since we first took them in earlier this week, go to the Pups with Parvo page on our site.  Donations on either page go to the same fund for these pups.  Thank you.

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