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Donations Needed for
Puppies with Parvo

Announcement on Saturday the 10th of February:

in the past week, GRRA has rescued two young flat coats named Lexi and Leo from one Georgia shelter and a Momma dog called Spirit and her four puppies, all golden flat coats, from another Georgia shelter.


Unfortunately, all these babies have two things in common…….they have been failed by humans and, as of Saturday, February 10th, all have tested positive for Parvo. 


Leo and Lexi have been fighting the virus this past week but now Spirit with her four female babies has also come down with Parvo.  All these pups were strays running wild with little human contact.  GRRA stepped up to help each and every one of them but we now find ourselves asking for your help.  As many of you know, Parvo can be a deadly virus and without treatment there is only one outcome.  Having six puppies all with Parvo is a huge cost for any rescue and we are asking for help towards their medical costs.


 Without our volunteers and supporters like you, we would not be able to help all the dogs we do,  let alone these pups.  Would you please consider making a small donation to help us in our every effort to get these babies well and ready for their forever homes that they so much deserve after running wild in their very short lives?

February 12 Update:  

All the pups are doing well and holding their own as of now.  Leo, Lexi, Hope, and Cutie are doing much better.   Faith and Summer Sunshine (the golden girl) did take a little turn but are still doing ok and they are little fighters.  Here are current pictures of Faith and Summer Sunshine:

Summer 02-12 Update.JPG

February 16 Update


It is with great sadness that we report that we lost our sweet girl Cutie pup overnight on February 14th.  Our hearts are broken -- she wasn’t given any time to enjoy the fun-filled life that she deserved.  Run free Miss Cutie!  We really tried to get you better so you could have a wonderful life.


Summer Sunshine and Faith:

On Wednesday the 14th, we received a call that Summer Sunshine and Faith had taken dips in their health and needed to be taken to the Emergency Hospital for round-the-clock care if they stood any chance of survival.  We went immediately to transfer them to the ER.  Summer was not well at all but she made it through the night.  Both are very weak but they are fighters!  They had surgery to insert feeding tubes and drainage tubes for the removal of unwanted fluids in their little bodies. 



Little Miss Hope became lethargic on Wednesday the 14th so she was immediately placed on IV fluids and she is holding her own. 


Spirit, Lexi, and Leo:

Good News!  Momma Bear Spirit has left the vets and now for the first time in her short two-year life she is enjoying a cozy warm bed of her own and learning to be an indoor girl.  She is extremely scared and skittish so she will need lots of time and love.  And Lexi and Leo are doing much better and getting stronger by the day.


This week, through Friday, February 16th, has been never-ending for these poor babies and GRRA, but we are committed to doing everything we can for these pups.  Already the costs for ER care and vet care exceed $6,500 and continue to climb.  We will not stop providing them with the best care available but we really need your help!!  Please, if you can, help us with a small donation by clicking the button below.

February 19th Update

Look who’s getting stronger and not so scared of us scary humans anymore!  Little Miss Summer Sunshine is doing amazing and is starting to know what being a puppy is all about, what a turn-around in just a weekend!


As for Miss Faith, well …. She’s learning the art of “Fetch” and loves her new tennis ball.  She likes to carry it round but will also bring it to you to throw again for her. 


These two little girls, especially Summer, have made the most amazing recovery.  Both are eating us out of house and home - they say keep it coming, we are growing girls! 


Please know that all your well wishes, wonderful support, and donations really make a world of difference.  Every dollar goes to the medical costs of our Parvo puppies.  These two precious babies' medical bill came to just over $15,000, so we are forever thankful for all your help. 

Please click on the button below to make a contribution.

Summer and Faith 02-20_edited.jpg
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