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Princess Abbie

Princess Abbie Emmanuel is a beautiful AKC English Cream Golden Retriever whose young life suddenly took a turn for the worse. She was well loved and lived in a nice home when a sudden accident turned her life around, and not for the better. Her owner had an accident and broke her back, and Princess Abbie was entrusted to someone else to care for her. Somehow Princess Abbie ended up alone and pregnant, living under the house, where she gave birth to nine adorable puppies. Abbie struggled to keep them warm and safe, in frigid temperatures, without human help. An animal advocate group heard about Abbie and managed to get the second owner to sign her over to them; Then they reached out to GRRA for help.

Princess Abbie is safe, warm and getting around the clock care, along with her puppies who are now about three weeks old and thriving. Caring for puppies is a full time job, so GRRA worked out a schedule of volunteers to help the foster feed, clean, snuggle and care for Abbie and her babies. GRRA could use some financial help because they all had vet visits, will need puppy shots, deworming, food, and after weaning Princess Abbie will need to be spayed.

Princess Abbie is an example of why GRRA exists, to rescue those who need us most. Won't you consider making a donation today to go towards the medical expense of Princess Abbie, her puppies, and other Golden Retrievers and Labs in need.


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