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Lori Podolski


Lori’s first experience with dog rescue started in Ohio with a group called GRIN - Golden Retrievers in Need, where she was involved in the events team for a year before moving to Georgia.

In 2014, she started volunteering with GRRA as an Adoption Consultant and in 2017, became the Director of Dog Ops which oversaw Intake, Foster, Medical and Adoption Day, as it was called back then.  She initiated the relationship with Pet Lodge as GRRA needed support for boarding rather than only relying on fosters and vets and this, too, fell under operations.

Lori served as President for GRRA in 2019 and 2020.

In 2022, with the passing of the Treasurer, Lori stepped in to take over as Treasurer and was instrumental in developing a team to handle the job of finance for GRRA.  Lori has been on the GRRA board for a total of five years now and hopes to continue contributing in this capacity.

Lori Podolski
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