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Allison Ehrle-Meyer

Vice President

Allison’s passion for Golden Retrievers started early in her life with having her first Golden when she was in her 20s and has had a Golden Retriever ever since. Currently, Allison and her family have five rescued animals, the lead of the pack being a Golden Retriever (Munch) along with a Labrador Retriever (Ozzie), a Beagle/Fox Terrier mix (Gerti) and two cats (Chandler and Kelso).

In 2022, Allison joined GRRA volunteering at Meet and Greets, then became part of the Canine Behavior and Training (CB&T)team. In January 2023, Allison became the Manager of CB&T, and has worked closely with all teams in GRRA to rehab and rehome over 18 dogs. Allison is the process of becoming a certified dog trainer and animal behaviorist and is excited to be able to follow her passion of developing a comprehensive behavior and training program for GRRA, saving and rehabbing dogs so they can have a happy life.

Over Allison’s career, she has been involved with a variety 501C3 organizations. She was a volunteer trainer for Canine Assistance, trained dogs for Field Trial Competitions and volunteered at Dekalb County Animal Shelter. Allison held several Board positions, was the President for Foster Child to Adopt Program, served as the Secretary and Operations Lead for an Assimilation Program for Legal Immigrants, and served on the Governance Board for a Large Global Financial Services Company that determined which non-profits received grants from the organization.

Allison Ehrle-Meyer
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