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Linda Urheim

Director, FTA Program and Technology

Linda’s professional career was with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), in numerous positions, but the last 20 years were as a Research Intelligence Analyst. As such, she was able to do both training and research, as well as take part in several Major cases by using many different databases and methods of intelligence gathering. Extensive travel and working with different agencies made my 37-year FBI career most rewarding.

Linda started her love for dogs as a child – always having dogs in her home and family.  As an adult, her first actual Golden Retriever was “Champ” – who was a rescue from Dixie Golden Retrievers.  That started her love for the breed, so upon retirement, her devotion turned immediately to volunteering for a Golden Rescue group, where she fostered many dogs, including dogs needing surgery and rehabilitation, heartworm positive and permanent foster dogs.  She also served as Foster Team Manager and Interim Medical Team Manager.  In 2018, Linda joined GRRA and became involved with their Medical team as Manager.  

She continues to volunteer for GRRA in several areas, including medical records/invoices and Vet Care Coordinator, as well as recently having joined the Foster to Adopt (FTA) Team.  The new Technology team is also a passion that allows her to become more involved in the IT side of GRRA.  After two foster failures at AGA, she now has adopted Jersey Bell, a GRRA dog, who is her constant companion.

Linda Urheim
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