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Image by Todd Cravens

Over the Rainbow

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Max - June 20, 2024

Max passed away on June 20, 2024. He was a two-year-old dog who weighed 102 lbs when he was surrendered to Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta (GRRA). Max had a healed partial tear in his right cruciate ligament (ACL), a full tear in the left, allergies, and car sickness. His previous owners had children who loved him, but he didn't fit into their active life. After surgery and 12 weeks of rehab, Max found his "Furever Home" with Carolyn and Larry Waters. Max loved all people, especially children, as well as dogs, cats, deer, squirrels, chipmunks, and birds, except for the big black crows. He enjoyed laying out on the patio and watching all the critters in his yard. Max faced physical challenges throughout his life, including a fungal infection last year, possibly from drinking dirty water out of a flower pot, which made him ill for six months. Dr. Bonny Willhite from Animal Wellness Clinic saved him after his original vet couldn't identify the fungus. However, at the end of January, Max began to show signs of illness. Dr. Bonny diagnosed Max with Hemangiosarcoma and gave him only weeks to live. Despite the prognosis, Max lived to celebrate his 6th birthday on May 28. On June 20, with the help of Dr. Willhite and her staff, he peacefully passed away. Rest in peace, Max. Run free and play with those who have gone before you.

To Honor the Memory of Max, please click link below to help save other wonderful dogs just like him!

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