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Image by Todd Cravens

Over the Rainbow

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We lost our beloved Golden Retriever, Gemma.

Gemma, our Golden Girl, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on September 5, 2022. Gemma loved and was loved. She worked hard at mastering the Golden disposition and classic "Golden Lean" as two ways to show her love to the world.

She taught us to be with and love your people, show exuberant greetings, know when to hold vigil, and take time for extra sniffs.

She loved hosting friends (human and canine) for gatherings at home and at the neighborhood park for her birthday parties. She loved mountain hikes, car rides and swimming.

Gemma's former neighbor and longtime GRRA volunteer said "Gemma was a beautiful and very sweet dog. Joseph and Matt used to host an annual birthday party for Gemma at our neighborhood park complete with free food from a Varsity food truck for everyone. Their friends and relatives would donate to GRRA in honor of Gemma’s birthday."

Gemma would be honored if you would donate to GRRA one last time in her memory as she looks down from the Rainbow Bridge. Donations in her memory will help other Golden Retrievers in need.

Thank You

GRRA and Joseph Usher are grateful to the following for their donations:

  • Bonny Marshall

  • Kevin Esch

  • Jennifer Gislason

  • Sabrina Sexton

  • Anita Doncaster

  • Darcy Eikenberg

  • Delia Zielinski

  • James Pardo

  • Lynnmichelle Lee

  • Erika D. Illiano

  • Mary Ann Parfitt

  • Beth Boden

  • Deborah Cox

  • Susan Lew

  • Barbara Blender

  • Carol Shipley

  • stephanie hall

  • Matt Bianco

  • Joseph Usher

  • Winnifred Morgan

  • Jessica Ingram

  • Kathy Ciarochi

  • Winnifred Yates

  • jack usher

  • 9 anonymous donors

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