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Original post Summer Vacation with Your Dogby Veronica Sanchez on Cooperative Paws

Going on vacation with your dog can be a blast! It can also be inconvenient, stressful and a bad situation for all involved. Here are a few tips as you plan for the dog-days of summer!

  1. Think about whether going on vacation would be fun for your dog. Changes in location and routine are challenging for all dogs, but can bring out the worst in dogs with behavior problems. Also geriatric dogs can be stressed in new, unfamiliar locations.

  2. Maintain a routine. We travel with our crates and it helps give a sense of structure and familiarity.

  3. Music can help dogs relax, you can play music on your laptop or use portable music such as what they have at to reduce pet anxiety.

  4. Take care of the basics – extra leashes, identification, medications, a copy of the vaccination record and have an address for a veterinarian on hand. We also bring a canine first aid kit when we travel.

  5. Be respectful of other’s property. We bring extra sheets to cover furniture at the house we rent and lots of clean up supplies.

  6. Be aware of leash laws and other ordinances, and respect them.

Please don't take anxious, fearful or reactive dogs to pubic events, outdoor dining, or crowded trails. They won't enjoy these outings, and it won't help them get over their fears.


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