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How An Ordinary Towel Can Become A Dog Sling

Original post How An Ordinary Towel Can Become A Dog Slingby Erwin Borgers on HumbleDogs

Don’t Panic, And Carry A Towel

According to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, towels are the most useful thing you can have. A towel has both practical value (you can use it for warmth, as a shelter, and, strangely, to dry your body) as well as psychological value (when you are with a towel we all assume you’re fully stocked).

A Quick Alternative To A Rear Support And Lifting Harness

A towel can be pretty valuable when it comes to our dogs too. A towel is a quick, cheap and safe alternative to rear support and lifting harness. Towels can be promptly turned into a sling, allowing you to lift your dog comfortably. It works in the same way as a professionally made harness, as it provides support without putting too much pressure on the dog belly and joints.

All you need is a bath or beach towel strong enough to support the weight of your dog. The towel must be long enough to go underneath your dog’s belly and pull up at the top so you can securely grab it. A towel sling can help stabilize and support the mobility of a pet with weak rear legs or a pet healing from hip or knee surgery.

5 Easy Steps To Turn An Ordinary Towel Into A Dog Sling

  1. Fold the towel in half along the longer side, and then fold it again

  2. While your dog is lying down, place the middle section of the folded towel underneath the belly

  3. Slowly wrap the towel around your dog’s belly and gently lift the dog up by pulling the two ends of the towel. Each end should be long enough for you to comfortably maneuvering the dog

  4. You can use the leash for additional maneuverability

  5. Slowly walk with your dog. If the dog rush, gently tug the towel or lift their rear to slow them down.

When a Towel Sling Can Help Your Dog:

Here are some medical conditions that can benefit from a towel sling:

  • Degenerative myelopathy

  • Hip dysplasia

  • Knee injury

  • Arthritis in knees, hips or back

  • Recovery from knee or hip surgery

Help Your Dog Stand

If your dog is too weak to stand alone, sit them first and from there, gently pulling the towel ends, lift the dog rear. The dog will shift the weight on the front legs while you help to support the rear.

Lift Your Dog Comfortably and Help Them Move

A towel sling is truly one of the best ways to safely lift your dog. Dogs feel supported, and, especially after a painful injury or surgery, they can go back to walking with you.

How to Gradually Increase the Dogs Activity With a Simple Towel

A towel not only takes some weight off from your dog’s legs but is also a good breaking mechanism. So if we are going outside to the potty and your dog wants to walk too quickly, you can use the towel to slow down, which is very important after surgery or while recovering from an injury. And when your dog is ready to potty, it is very easy to just drop the towel. When the dog is done just sling the towel in place again, and off you go, back to the house.

Help Your Dog On and Off a Vehicle With Your Towel Sling

A towel sling is also very helpful to get your dog in and off your car. Just gently pull up the rear, and support the dog to get in or out of the car.

Use The Sling To Climb Up and Down The Stairs

Another daily activity that will greatly benefit from a towel sling is climbing the stairs. You can help your dog going upstairs or downstairs while supporting their rear so that they won’t aggravate their back legs.

A Gentle Technique To Safely Lift And Move a Dog In Case Of An Emergency

If you find a dog with an injury on the road or if your dog gets injured while you are away from home, a towel is your best friend. It’s just an essential part of the box of pet support tricks, together with a first aid kit and an extra leash. The towel technique is the safest and best tolerated by a dog. It is just the best method to carry a dog in case of an unexpected injury. Better keep a towel in your first aid kit.

More Fun With Towels: Carry Your Dog In A Sling

Small dogs and puppies may tire more easily on walks, and if you’re traveling a long distance you’ll want some way to keep your pup safe by your side.

Pet crates or kennels can be rather bulky and near impossible to carry around when you are hiking or biking. A sling is a perfect solution for keeping your hands free while keeping your small dog safe and secure near you. You can easily create a sling carrier with a beach towel.

An Alternative To Dog Backpacks

If you wish to carry your dog safely and keep an eye on it at the same time this towel carrier it’s for you. It is best to have the dog riding on your stomach or hip instead of your back. You should position the sling in such a way that you can see your pet all the time. When your dog feels anxious or unsafe in a crowded environment a sling is the best option, as the doggie will feel safe and comforted.

An Easy Sleeve For Tired Pups And Pooches

Take a bath or beach towel, fold it in half lengthwise. Bring the two ends together and tie them in a tight knot. This will create the long pocket that your pooch will sit inside when you carry him. Place the sling around your neck and shoulder so that it hangs from your left or right shoulder to the opposite hip. Position the knot on your back so that you won’t hurt your shoulder. Open the section on your hip and your chest and create a pocket. The pocket should face upward so your pup can slip inside. Place your little dog inside the pocket and adjust the position so both of you are comfortable. Some puppies are more comfortable sitting up and looking out whereas others enjoy a cradle position.

Use The Collar And Harness All The Time

if you don’t want your dog jumping and running out of the sling, make sure that he is secured with a collar and leash or a harness, so that there are low chances of injuries.

Inspect The Towel For Weak Areas

Terry towels and similar fabrics work well for a sling and help keep your doggie or pup warm when it’s cold outside.

Add a Piece Of Cardboard In The Bottom

Add a small cardboard into the sling to create a platform for your puppy. if your dog has sharp claws, the cardboard will keep it from tearing the towel. The cardboard helps to add some shape to the carrier as well.

Check The Temperature

The closeness to your body and the material might make your dog sweat a lot. If you see the dog panting at a faster rate and sweating on his paws, you should consider giving him a break to cool off.

Wrap Up Message: Don’t Forget Your Towel On Your Way Out

A towel can be a versatile and durable friend. Not only you can wrap it around you for warmth as you travel around the cold moons of Jaglan Beta or lie on it on the sandy beaches of Santraginus V. A towel is by your side when your dog in difficult moments or just in a lazy mood. Bottom line the message is the same for humans and doggies: don’t panic and bring a towel.


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