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I am a friendly and loving Labrador looking for a place to call my forever home.



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Labrador Retriever

Hi y’all, this is Crema here, checking in to give you an update on what has been going on in my life
these past few months. First let me start with a little background information for those of you
who are not familiar with my story. Prior to being surrendered to GRRA I had a little run in with
a car. Due to this unfortunate turn of events, I can’t always move as fast as I would like but I
am still a very active young lady.
I have to say though that this news didn’t faze the good folks from GRRA at all. They went to
work developing a plan that will ultimately get me the medical help that I need. Just recently we
met with a wonderful surgeon, and there is now a plan in place to get me fixed up. I am so
excited. I don’t really know all of the details yet but if you ask, I am sure one of my GRRA
friends will be able to give you all of the details.
Now let’s get down to business and talk a bit about me, what I like to do and just what a great
dog I am. Sorry just had to add that in there. Everyone says that I am a real looker and very
sweet. I am also a pro when it comes to walking on a leash and am at home in my crate, although I
may take a few minutes to settle in. My foster mama says that I have something called FOMO
(fear of missing out, LOL). When I am in my crate and no one else is in the room, I just want to
be where the action is, unless of course I am taking a nap – is that such a bad thing? I don’t
think so. Kids, and other dogs make me so happy that sometimes I forget my size, so maybe
older children would be better for me. I am a quick study, who loves mental and physical
activities. At times I may talk to you if there is something I feel the need to share with you. I
love plush toys with squeaky things, bones, and balls (now these are my all-time favorite). I also
love to play a good game of fetch so a fenced in backyard would be awesome. I would be super
happy if you could work from home at least part of the time, or be retired, so that we could
spend more quality time together. And last but not least, one of my most favorite things to do is
to help load the dishwasher (ha-ha, not sure if that would be, umm, a desirable trait for some,
but it sure is lots of fun).
If you are looking for someone special to share your life with, please give me a call so we can
'talk' about being together forever!

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