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Image by Todd Cravens

Over the Rainbow

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Bunny Adams

Bunny was unable to walk after being born missing a vertebra in her back. Bunny was given her name because she could only hop. The breeder considered putting her down but was talked into giving her to a rescue. Dr. Alan Cross at Blue Pearl Veterinary Specialists performed a spinal surgery on Bunny that had previously been performed only on humans. As a result, Bunny was able to finally walk, with a limp, but walk none the less. Thanks to the wonderful caring life that her mom, Carol Adams, gave her, Bunny lived to be 11 1/2 years old. In true Bunny spirit, Bunny chose the best bunny weekend of the year to leave this world, and her beautiful spirit was undoubtedly brought back in all the bunnies children received today on Easter Sunday.

Thank You

GRRA and Juliann Kaiser are grateful to the following for their donations:

  • Susan Glaskey

  • Deneen Turner

  • George Ellis

  • Carol Adams

  • Carolyn Waters

  • Juliann Kaiser

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