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Image by Todd Cravens

Over the Rainbow

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Bo Callahan

Bo, the happy, loving Golden Retriever crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on February 9, 2022 after a short battle with fast-growing cancer.

Bo’s human mom (Laura Callahan) adopted him in September 2019 through GRRA when he was in his adult years… although his spirit was very youthful. Bo was then called Bo Habersham after the shelter he was rescued from. Bo was the happiest when he was getting pets, lounging outside, and going on walks with his mom. He always had a smile on his face and a wag in his tail which brought joy to everyone around him.

Donations in Bo’s memory to the Golden Rescue of Atlanta will help other lucky dogs to be blessed in the same way he was.

Thank You

GRRA and Ann Bennett are grateful to the following for their donations:

  • Bridget King

  • Eva Rodriguez

  • Abigail Gorman

  • Chris Giallanza

  • George Ellis

  • Molly Haren

  • Meghan Jordan

  • Nick Donaldson

  • Jessica Bush

  • Robert Garrett

  • rachel getz

  • Carly Harper

  • Stacey Wilson

  • Bridgette Krauter

  • natalie hymel

  • Jenny Wilson

  • Katherine Moran

  • Connie Zimmerman

  • Gwendolyn Pierson

  • Kinsley Cowart

  • Dana Hudson

  • Caroline Fieroh

  • Jared Kelley

  • Elizabeth Abbott

  • Ashley Barden

  • Azeen Hadadi

  • Meghan Guinee

  • Grace Connell

  • Kelsey Gratton

  • Kimberly Hamrick

  • Adam Macie

  • Rebecca Berton

  • heather deloach

  • Michaela Griffin

  • Kent Callahan

  • Kaylan Vaughan

  • Stephanie DeLoach

  • Ashley Yancey

  • Kelsey Bouton

  • Ann Millard Bennett

  • 12 anonymous donors

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