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Donations Needed for
Sassy Breeze

Hello, My name is Sassy Breeze.

When a wonderful woman from GRRA came to see me and the other breeder dogs, she cradled me gently in her arms. She whispered in my ear to not be afraid because everything was going to be all right. She promised to take good care of me if I would hold on until she could get me the medical care I so desperately needed. That day I was very weak weighing only ONE POUND and dehydrated because I had not been nursing from either my Mum or the surrogate Momma. She took me immediately to a GRRA vet who gave me fluids and critical nourishment in order for me to survive.

Since then I have been receiving around-the-clock TLC from GRRA's caring volunteers. The good news is that I have gained a few ounces of weight.  However, everyone says that this is going to be a very long process for me to get healthy. Please donate to GRRA to help them pay for my veterinary bills at I would be forever grateful if you would.

I promise to have my GRRA foster update you so that you will know that I am getting stronger. It is hard but I will try to be a very good girl and eat as much food as my tiny tummy will hold. 

Puppy kisses, Love Sassy Breeze.
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