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New Year's Resolutions

Original post 10 New Year's Resolutions for Pet Ownerson Pet Insurance by Nationwide

Many of us create a short list of New Year's resolutions in January, promising to improve ourselves or pay it forward for others. Some of us with furry family members have made such promises to our pets.

Nationwide pet insurance asked its fan base to share their New Year’s resolutions to their pets. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Walk Dogs Daily

We can all pack on pounds during the holiday season. Exercising is always more fun with a friend, so head outdoors with Fido and get your heart rate up.

2. Feed Healthier Diet and Treats to Pets

No more table scraps. Stick to a good quality kibble for your pet and offer some healthier snack options, such as carrots, apples or homemade pet treats.

3. Brush Pet’s Teeth Daily

A daily brushing helps eliminate tartar, prevent dental disease and protect your pet’s overall health. Annual dental checkups will be easier on both you and your pet.

4. Keep Toxic Substances Out of Pet’s Reach

Nearly 7,000 claims were filed in 2015 by Nationwide pet insurance policyholders for toxic ingestion. Pet owners vowed to keep toxic substances such as household products, medications, food, alcohol and plants away from pets to prevent accidental poisoning.

5. Attend Training or Obedience Classes

Your dog doesn’t have to be rowdy to attend training or obedience classes. Many dogs enjoy the challenge and the bonding time gained from attending these classes with their owners. A refresher course every couple of years is also recommended by training experts.

6. Enroll Pets in Pet Insurance

What better way to budget for the coming year by saving money on veterinary expenses and providing your pet optimal healthcare? Pet owners say they want to be better prepared for the unexpected. Pet owners can now choose from a variety of plans that meet their needs and fit every budget.

7. Go on an Adventure with Pets

Do you have an adventurous dog breed? Or a curious cat? You don’t necessarily have to take a road trip with your companion, a visit to the local pet store to check out the critters in cages and aquariums can be a whole lot of fun. Many restaurants are now offering dog-friendly seating areas and during the off season, more beaches are open to dogs.

8. Spend More Quality Time with Pets

Pet owners plan on making more time for their pets to cuddle, play and simply bond, perhaps by binge-watching a favorite TV show on couch together (after taking that long walk). Studies show a little extra TLC goes a long way toward health and happiness.

9. Schedule a Photo Shoot with Pets

Photo shoots aren’t just for people, tsk tsk. You might think this is a costly resolution but you might be surprised by how many affordable pet photographers are out there. Many even offer discounted mini sessions for you and your companion. You’ll treasure the photos for a lifetime.

10. Write a Bucket List for Senior Pets

What do you think your senior pet wants to do before crossing the Rainbow Bridge? Bucket lists might be a trendy topic, but you can make the last phase of your pet’s life memorable by compiling—and completing—a list of activities that will have his tail wagging and your heart soaring.

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