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Kennel Cough and Mycoplasma

There is a highly contagious/infectious form of “kennel cough” going around throughout kennels/shelters/dog parks in the Southeast United States. We have information that Mycoplasma is also prevalent most recently at our boarding facility, Pet Lodge Pet Resort in Alpharetta.

In a nutshell, Mycoplasma is a bacterial organism, a more highly infectious form of Kennel Cough, that is capable of infection (mostly) in canines, but it can also affect felines. Mycoplasma can affect multiple organs and, in turn, create a wide array of associated disorders. This bacterial organism can be spread through the air, on surfaces, and through touch contact with sick animals.

It is fairly common in places where many dogs are together, such as dog parks, kennels, or shelters. The longer dogs spend with other infected animals, the greater their chances of being exposed to the bacteria. It can be passed from dog to dog, even if the host dog is not showing any clinical signs (like coughing or sneezing, etc.). It has been described by one of our GRRA vets as “more infectious, with more instances of development into pneumonia” than regular Kennel Cough.

Here is more information on what it is and how it can be recognized and treated:


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