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Meet GRRA's Most Recent Rescues!

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Welcome to GRRA and BOY, is your timing RIGHT!! 

We have just completed our largest intake ever! GRRA has rescued 25 dogs from a breeder in GA. We could sure use your help.  If you are ready to adopt, we are ready for YOU!

These dogs have been treated well, but not in a normal, family situation like most other pups.  These babies have lived in a temperature-controlled kennel and let out once or twice a day to play and run around and get out their zoomies.

They are very sweet dogs but likely unfamiliar with everything that we consider normal.  They may or may not understand housebreaking.  A leash walk has probably never been attempted.  A car ride will be a WHOLE new experience and even coming inside will be an exciting new adventure!  They DO sit quietly in a crate if need be and they DO come when called with a whistle, so that in itself is a HUGE plus to the start of your new relationship!

If you are ready to open your hearts and homes to a wonderful new baby, please let us know ASAP as we are ready to find these pups a new home!

If you would like to consider being a Foster, we do have several Foster programs that we use and one may be just right for you!

And if you would like to help us with the costs that we will be incurring for these pups (look here to see the thorough process we use with each rescue), please click the Donate button below.

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