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Excitable when first meeting people, loves people when properly introduced. Max would love a calm home where his people are home most of the day.



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Golden Retriever

Hi, my name is Maximus, but people usually just call me Max. I am told that I am a beautiful boy, which is no wonder as I am a Golden/Pyrenees mix. I am a 2-year, 6 months old, neutered male and approximately 50 pounds. I love to be around people and play well with most dogs. I don’t like to being around dogs who are more dominant or people who have high activity levels in their home. What I like most is being in a calmer environment, especially if I have my people around me. It would be great if my people worked from home or were home most of the day as I worry sometimes when left alone for long periods of time. I love to learn, walk on a leash, and enjoy lots of activities that exercise my brain and my body. I am told I am very smart and learn quickly, and need a family with dog experience that has older teenagers, a couple, or a single person who will keep my mind active. I met a few cats and I like a few of them. People have complimented me on how well I ride in the car, I do love car rides and will lie quietly even on long trips. Right now, I am in dog school, and my teacher thinks I am a good learner. He likes me so much he said he will continue to work with me and my new family once I am adopted.

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