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Our Wall of Remembrance is provided to friends and supporters of Golden Retriever Rescue Atlanta as a means to remember beloved pets and friends. With a donation of $25, you can purchase a brick to memorialize a pet or honor someone's involvement in our rescue operations.

Donations made from this page go directly to the medical fund for retrievers. Using PayPal, you can securely donate using your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Diners Club. All donations to GRRA are tax deductible. Our ID number is 58-2186090 (needed for United Way or Corporate Matching Funds Programs).

To create your own brick, please enter your text in the boxes (max 24 characters per line), and then click on the "Add Brick & Donate Now" button. If you have any questions, please email

Remembering: Licky,
Bumper, Raeya, Gripper,
Shami, Pazi & Simi
who, each in turn,
helped make our family.

In Memory of Renner
Beloved Family Member of
The Radding Family

In loving memory of
Gary Jarabek


Loving memories of DORY
From Atlanta to DC, you
brought us joy for 10
years. Forever in our
hearts. xo, The Brinkers

In memory of Jessie,
a sweet girl who had
a wonderful life with
Leslie and Maury.


In Remembrance of
Honey Vaeth
Named Time Magazine's
"Person of the Year"

With heartfelt thanks
Harriet Cane
You are remembered
The GRRA Board

In Memory of Champ
You were #1 Golden
Love you and what a good
"big brother" you were
Linda Urheim


To Our Beloved Grayson
You had a BIG heart,
a GENTLE soul, and
a STEADY friend
We miss you! the Cantys

To our beloved Sandy
Friend, Explorer, Mom
Our First Golden "kid"
You had heart and spirit
The Cantys


In Memory of TEDDY....
FOSTER Dog Trainer
Extraordinaire&Susans <3
Run Free Beautiful Boy!
Until we Meet N Paradise

Pekay's Willing Spirit
was always willing to
love and will
always be loved

In memory of Simi


Remembering Emma & Clyde
Loving friends of Clyde
bringing him happiness
and joy
Never forgotten

Remembering Sully,
Tina's faithful friend,
and loved companion.
He was a special golden
and will be missed.




In loving memory of
Chip "Chiparooroo" Lee
You were a true blessing
You will always be loved
John, Amanda, Lily,Mason


In Memory of
Scout Nalbone
with our compassion
Rock Springs
PCCC, Inc.

In loving memory of
Vicky's sweet boy,
Buddy Calhoun
You will be missed


In loving memory of
beloved companion
of Sue Bjorkman
I miss you so much

In loving memory
of sweet Maddie and her
wonderful mama, Karen
Forever remembered by
The Holub-Jordans

In loving memory of
sweet Buddy
friend and companion
of Deb and Lee jacobs
We will all miss him


In memory of Shirley
devoted companion and
GRRA mentor who could
outrun and outswim
them all

Clancy Fouchey Exp 2009
CGC, Reading Dog
Rock Star, Harmony Elem
Best Friend
We miss you very much


In Memory of Samson
Kim's other loving boy
He is in heaven
Playing with Rebel
Your mama misses you

In memory of Jax,
a very special golden,
beloved friend
& companion
of Amy Decesare

Kim's Loving Soulmate.
Run Free Rebel Boy.
Your Mom Loves You So !
A Joyous Reunion Awaits.


In Memory of Rebel
Kim's Golden Angel
Best Friend
The Light & Joy
Beautiful Baby Boy

To our Precious Lola who
brought us joy, laughter
& companionship. We love
& miss you more than you
know! The McCauleys


In memory of
GRRA Volunteer
Allan Grogan

In loving memory of
Beloved soulmate of
Tamma Trump
RIP sweet boy

Poppy Fallon-Scarcliff
who brought us all love
for 12+ years


In memory of
Catherine Rowan

In loving memory of
Mary Virginia Garverick


In memory of Honey Bear
And her brother Rascal
Sweet and beloved

In Memory of BRODY ELLIS
Your smile will be
forever in our hearts!

In Memory of
Chase Steiner
Very Beloved Friend
Anne and Paul


In Loving Memory
Tucker Materne
Best Dog Ever !

Bella, Samson & Bono
Fly, babies, FLY!
We will see you again!
Love you for eternity.


Overwhelming grief for
our unspeakable Love,
Bono Romeo Rosell.
You are eternally loved.
See you in a blink.

Bono Romeo
In Loving Memory of Rick
& Kris Rosell's Dear Boy
Look for Holly
Much Love, The Rydeens

In loving memory of
Clipper Lipchiz,
the snow white Lab


In memory of Jim Glenn,
loving husband
of Judy Glenn,
longtime GRRA volunteer

In Memory of Star
Joan Sample's sweet girl
Dec. 2001 - Sept. 2015


For the Boys
Joey and Bart

My protector
Take care of Bart
you knew that he
needed you more than me

In memory of Joey & Bart
Debbie DuPont's beloved



In memory of
Such a sweet and
always smiling girl!


My gentle giant
You can play as hard
as you like now

We all miss you Big Boy.
You are a beautiful boy.
Run Free with Jake
Love You Lucas.

In loving memory
Run free sweet boy!
I will think of you and
JAKE ELLIS reunited!


In Memory Of
Brandy Alexandria

In loving memory of Bax,
cherished companion
GRRA calendar spokesdog
and foster dog mentor
We miss you every day.


In fond memory of Bax,
treasured friend
and companion
of Carol Shipley and
Barry Levine

Brandy Alexandria
You gave us 10 years of
happiness. We weep tears
of sadness but have all
the great memories. RIP

Thank you Kudzu
for rescuing me.
I miss my sweet
Chocolate lab every day
Gillian Mobey


Thank you for finding me
We gave it our all
I miss you my sweet boy
LOVE, Your PaPa Daddy.

In Memory of JAKE ELLIS
Gone too soon but
forever in our hearts.
RIP sweet boy
until we meet again.



In Memory of JAKE ELLIS
A BEAUTIFUL boy that
Rescued - GEORGE!!
Run free SWEET JAKE.
You Inspired us ALL!! KK

In Loving Memory of
A very, very good dog


In Loving Memory of
- Harley Greenwald -
The only alarm clock
that ever made us smile.

In Loving Memory of
- Remmy Ockers -
I will forever cherish
the boundless love
you shared with me.


1/1/2012 - 8/19/2014
"He Rescued Me"
RIP my forever friend
E.T. Hindman

ET's Beautiful ~ TUCK
In Memory of the sweet
Boy that brought so much
JOY and LOVE to ET!!
Love & Hugs ~ from Kim K

In Loving Memory of
Hal's Mom/Sarah's G-Mom
Smile down our Mission
From the GRRA Board


In memory of sweet Katie
and in honor of
Bill and Debbie,
her loving and devoted

To Ripley:
Even though we knew you
for only short time,
the King Family will
never forget you.


In loving memory of
precious Ripley
who brought his family
so much happiness

In Loving Memory of
my Ripley.
Thank you for all the
joy you brought me.
snout kisses, Anita King

May '98 - June '14
You saved us.
Love, Rachie & Badah


Tess Shoenthal,
our yellow lab
with a heart of *gold*,
thank you for 15 years
of perfect puppy love.

In memory of sweet DUKE
who gave the best hugs.
We will miss you.
Paula and Brody


In loving memory of our
sweet Gracie, who was
well-loved and
loved us well!
Love, Laurie & the boys

In loving memory
of Susan DeDeyn's
beloved Jake

In memory of Jake DeDeyn
and in honor of his
devoted human, Susan,
who loves her dogs


In memory of Brittany
adopted 2008
departed 2013
will miss her loyalty
and unconditional love

In loving memory of
You gave me so much love
and laughter.
Love, Jane


In loving memory of
BOONIE. You gave us so
much love & changed our
lives forever. We miss
you! Mamia & Papi

In Loving memory of
Ranger 'danger'
Love to Hannah, Miles
& family!
Krissy Rosell

In loving memory of
MADISON who came in
scared, but left a
sweet, happy soul.
Love, Paula and Duke


In Loving Memory of
A lucky girl adopted &
loved very much by
Cynthia Ring's family.

In memory of Rufous
Adopted 4/7/05
Departed 1/23/13
Now chasing the never
Ending tennis ball.Xoxo


ANGEL, our sister, our
friend... we will MISS
you! We ALL love you!
Rebel, Samson, Buck,
Kim and Robert <><

In memory of Peggy's
precious ANGEL...
A beautiful girl that
brought so much joy!
Your foster mom <><

In Memory of "SILAS"
You taught us real
love and how precious
every moment of life
really is. -Totherosa


In memory of Catherin
Meredith and in honor
of GRRA dog Luke
who brought her much
comfort and happiness

Venus you touched so
Many lives. You will
Be missed.
Katie& Mom


To celebrate the life
of our sweet Hannah,
CityDog Market is proud
to make a donation in
her sweet memory.

In Memory of Chester
Beloved family member
& friend
You will be missed

11/18/1999 - 2/1/2013
You were a blessing
and loved so much.
Mom, Dad, Nate & Anna


Thanks for the memories
16 years young
We miss and love you
Mark, Brett and Shirley

Forever rembering
Pisgah, the mountain
dog! Your exuberance in
life taught us all. We
love you!


In Memory Of Ginger
Sweet GingerAle
Loved by Chuck and Beth
and Molly

In Memory of
Duke and Leila
Wonderful Dogs
Marie Seigler

In Memory of Beau
the inspiration for
Marie Seigler


In Memory of
Precious Companion of
Steve and Suzanne Protz
2008 - 2012

In Loving Memory
of Precious Maisy,
our Grand-dog,
by Sherry
and Gene Blanton


Murphy Hastie
you are with me now

IN Loving memory
Th Currier Family

In loving memory of
Punkin, sweet, funny,
loving and smart
14 wonderful years
Love, "mom & dad"


In Honor of Howard
Shore for all of his
work with rescue dogs.
Love, Jamie, Josh,
Baxter and Waldo

In fond memory of Teva
who was well loved
by the Schlenger family


To remember my beloved
Emily & 12 wonderful
years.To honor Daisy
who came home to heal
the hurt & bring joy.

In loving memory of
Murphy Hastie, a
sweet, wonderful boy.
Marilyn & Sophie

In honor of
Meri Lee Testa for
helping us find PJ
With gratitude
The Parnell Family


In Memory of
Hunter Brown

In Memory of
Midas Worsham


In loving memory of
sweet Mollie Chandler
and in honor of her
beloved Mom, Beth.
Jim, Leah and the girls

In loving memory of
Murphy. You brought
us so much joy. Thank
you. Love always,
Victoria, Pete & Maggie

Adopted 7/25/09
Departed 4/17/12
3 wonderful years
In our hearts forever


To my BIG, little love
& Sunshine boy, Samson,
We miss you & love you
Rick & Kris Rosell

In memory of
Murphy Hastie,
and appreciation of
Victoria's devoted
service to GRRA.


In memory of
Murphy Hastie and love
to his mom Victoria an
advocate of goldens &
people Deb, Joey & Bart

In loving memory to
our sweet Brandygirl
Carole and Jenny M

Samson Rosell
Steadfast Warrior Angel
You will be remembered
always with love.
The Rydeen Family


in loving memory of our
Sweet Girl- Daphney
love- Dad, Mom and
your human brother

In loving memory
of Tressel,
the dog who taught
me how to live.
Marilyn R


In Memory of Our
Beloved Conner who
changed our lives
The Bryant Family

In Memory of
Raymond DuPont
A Golden's Best Friend
GMC Knitters and
Yarn Garden Knit Shop

To honor Marcia for her
love of Goldens, Labs,
and support of GRRA.
Joel & Bo


To Honor Joshua
for his love of his
Golden, Charlie, our
Bo and all Goldens and
Labs - JAM

To honor Bo for his
unconditional devotion
and love of family, a
true companion


To honor JOEL
for his love of Bo and
all Goldens and Labs
and his support of GRRA
Marcia and Bo

In loving memory of
Cassidy Rain
a happy, faithful
friend forever in our
hearts - JAM

In loving memory of
Hannah Bear
A true companion and
forever in our hearts


In memory of
Phoebe Linden
Beloved mother,
and grandmother

In Memory - Allison's
Amber Valentine
We Miss You!
Chris, Allison, Matt,
Alex & Chattie


In honor of
Ray Dupont

In Loving Memory
of Ray DuPont
We Love You &
Miss You Dad
Love, Mike & Beth

In Loving Memory
of Ray DuPont
Love from Ames


In Loving Memory of
Raymond DuPont
With Love,

In Memory of
Raymond DuPont
With Love,


In Memory of
Raymond DuPont
With Love,

In Memory of
Raymond DuPont
With Love,

In loving Memory of Ray
Dupont who leaves
behind, Joey, Bart and
his lovely Wife Debbie.
Love, Vinny


In honor and memory of
Raymond DuPont

To honor
Mike Sutton
his love for Maggie
and his service to GRRA


To honor
Cathie Andress
her love for Jaegger
and her service to GRRA

In memory of
Ray Dupont
a great volunteer
and person

In memory of
Maggie Sutton
Thoughts and prayers
to Mike, Evelyn and
the girls


In loving memory of Rex
A true friend
and companion.

In loving memory of
Rusty. My thoughts &
prayers go out to Kim
and Robert.


In loving memory of
Linda & Calvin
together forever
Kate Kris Roy
Colby & Charlie

In Memory of Porter
You are missed
Susan Farnsworth

In Honor Of
Sandy Young
for her service to
GRRA and her inspiring
love of Goldens


In fond memory of
Judy Power
Loving Adoptive
Mother of Gretchen

For Roux Swartz
I'll miss coming to see
him Mon-Fri and
receiving waves of
joy & happiness -CC


JJ Priest-Schnapp
Devoted and Loyal
Family Member

Dee de Padua
Cheryl Stukey
Loving Foster
Mothers of
Sweet Penny

In Memory of
Pete Pennington.
Loving Husband,
Father and Grandfather


In fond memory of
"Pete" Pennington

In Loving Memory of
Linda Urello
Always Missed
Always Remembered
Mike Lorenzo


In Memory of Shadow
A Happy and Faithful
Friend to the Wright

In Memory of
A. W.

In memory of
Linda Urello
Mike and Shelly


In memory of
Linda Urello



Ibby Bailey

Bella Zoe
Beautiful Girl
Held in Our Hearts
Forever with Love
Kris, Rick & Rydeens

In loving memory of
our glorious Daisy.
Sadly missed by
Debbie, Mike, Granny
Nanny, & Norman


In memory of Jaegger,
beloved pet of
Cathie Andress

In loving memory of
Macey, Louie, & Zoey
who were much loved
and are missed by
their guardian, Lisa


In Memory of Rocky
Thank you for
adopting us and for
many years of
love & laughter.

In memory of
JJ. A beloved buddy
to the Goforth
Family. We love and
miss you!!

In loving memory of
Rusty Hoy
by his pack
Jim, Susan,
Hilda and Tessa


In loving memory of
A beautiful face,
great sense of humor
and friend to all

In Memory of
Dearly Loved


To the Best "Buddy"
A man can have
Rolf & Debbie

Golden Memories
with us forever
Rest in Peace
Debbie and Rolf

In loving memory of
Maggie Sutton
Mike, Evelyn,
Jessica, Emilie,
Charlotte & Hollie


In Memory of Rex
Always Brave & True
Always in Our Hearts
Chuck, Mary Frances
& Priss Hershiser

In Memory of Maggie


In Memory of Maggie.
Loved by All, but especially
Debbi,\nJustin and Brittany

In Memory of
Riley Chester
You Live In
Our Hearts
Love, Mommy & Daddy

Joan Sample
in Honor of Star


In Memory of
"Miller" Trinkle
Loving Campanion
and Four Legged
Friend 8-30-10

In Memory of Hunter


To the memory Riley
Simon & Kamla

In Memory of
Riley Chester
Beloved 'son' of
Eric and Renee
From Mike & Val

In Memory of
Riley Chester
Cedric Hill-Seidel


In Memory of
Riley Chester
Eric and Renee you
are in our thoughts
Kapeel & Family

Tiffaney Wilson
In Loving Memory of
Riley Chester


in Memorial
Riley Chester

In Memory of
Riley Chester

In Memory Of Riley


In Memory of
Riley Chester
A Gentle Ambassador
For All Goldens
-Don and Carol Ann

Major Calcagno
Adopted 08-05-2005
Departed 06-10-2010
Although the years were short,
the time was precious to us


In memory of
Leslie J. Forsythe,
our "Paw-Paw".
He truly loved
our Goldens.

Krissy Rosell
In memory of
my Bella Zoe
My love for her is

Joan Sample
in memory of Prince


Angela Wyka
in memory of Bailey

Mary Frances and
Chuck Hershiser
for the love of
Beautiful Chelsea


Linda Collins
in memory of Redford

M. Rigby Duncan
in memory of Lillie DeDeyn

Steve and Carol Raeber
in memory of Lillie DeDeyn


William Webb
in memory of Rocky Webb

Jessica and David Lorti
for your loving care of Ziggy


Lillian Grenvicz
in honor of foster
Sandy Young

Amy and David Johnston
in Goldie's memory