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  • Joined 9/11/2018

Jeanne brought 7+ years of rescue experience with her to GRRA. Her passion is working with dogs labeled with behavior issues to make them adoptable. While most rescue dogs have been abused, neglected or abandoned, Jeanne will be the first to tell you the majority of problems are created because the dog is misunderstood by their people. For that reason, educating dog owners is a priority. She has established a library of positive method advice articles on a full array of topics. Check it out at , click on Help, then Dog Training.

Jeanne has created and initiated GRRA's first training and behavior program, built a team of experienced training advisors, a dog walking team for dogs in boarding as well as managing GRRA dogs and their needs while in boarding.

"Golden Fever" took hold 37 years ago when Jeanne's husband, Steve, gave her a Golden puppy for her birthday. They have raised 2 human children, Grayson and Taylor, as well as a total of 5 Goldens. The current pups, Sammi and Royce, are very suspicious of mom coming home smelling like any number of dogs, but they are very supportive of the cause!

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