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  • Joined 9/2/2006 (Retired 5/28/2020)

I've had goldens just about my entire adult life. Shortly after adopting Joey in 2006, Ray and I started volunteering with GRRA. We started with fostering, and then after adopting Bart, thought that two dogs were really our limit (we're also cat people so we've always had a couple of cats). At that time I started as an adoption consultant and we both did home checks. Shortly thereafter, I took over the home check coordinator role. GRRA is a wonderful family that cares about their dogs and each other. When I lost Ray in 2011, GRRA folks supported me so much that my out of state family still makes comments on it! We're spread out all over Atlanta, but when we see one another, you'd think we were in the same neighborhood. Currently my family is with BJ, Autumn (in the pic with me) and my felines Kaiser & Kokomo.

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