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adelepauley photo

Adele Pauley

  • Newsletter Editor
  • Joined 5/20/2019

Our family recently adopted Lily. I am an instructional designer and technical writer for work. Our family is active in our church and community. We live in Decatur. I am looking forward to working on the newsletter and providing other types of writing and IT help.

amandadytor photo

Amanda Dytor

  • Intake Coordinator (Owner Turn-Ins)
  • Joined 11/15/2017
corydeppen photo

Cory Deppen

  • WebmasterDirector, Technology
  • Joined 2/1/2011

Cory joined GRRA in 2011 after reading about the need for a volunteer to fill the Webmaster role in the newsletter. Eager to play a part in helping with website updates, Cory jumped right in and was recognized as Volunteer of the Month for June 2011. Since then, Cory relaunched the website for the organization and stays busy maintaining and adding new features to it as the needs of the group change.

In his current role, Cory is leveraging his passion for technology by developing and maintaining the website that offers many benefits to both volunteers and visitors to Additionally, Cory works closely with other volunteers in the various roles within GRRA to understand their reporting and communication needs and ensures data in the current CRM system is accurate to aid in the decision making and communication processes across the organization.

Cory lives in Acworth, GA with his wife Christine and seven cats - Maggie, Molly, Mama, Four, Five, Hunter, and Mackenzie. Outside of GRRA, Cory enjoys bicycling if he can be torn away from a computer.

debbiedupont photo

Debbie DuPont

  • Home Check Manager
  • Joined 9/2/2006

I've had goldens just about my entire adult life. Shortly after adopting Joey in 2006, Ray and I started volunteering with GRRA. We started with fostering, and then after adopting Bart, thought that two dogs were really our limit (we're also cat people so we've always had a couple of cats). At that time I started as an adoption consultant and we both did home checks. Shortly thereafter, I took over the home check coordinator role. GRRA is a wonderful family that cares about their dogs and each other. When I lost Ray in 2011, GRRA folks supported me so much that my out of state family still makes comments on it! We're spread out all over Atlanta, but when we see one another, you'd think we were in the same neighborhood. Currently my family is with BJ, Autumn (in the pic with me) and my felines Kaiser & Kokomo.

donnaleach photo

Donna Leach

  • Adoption Consultant Manager
  • Joined 11/9/2013

Donna Lachance

  • Foster Home Coordinator
  • Joined 11/20/2018

Karen Holden

  • Volunteer Manager
  • Joined 7/12/2019

Ken Winfield

  • Triever Taxi Coordinator
  • Joined 12/23/2013
kristinallpere photo

Kristin Allpere

  • Foster Home Manager
  • Joined 2/1/2019

My family and I have been involved in Golden Rescue since 2015. We love our Golden, Zoe, and feel privileged to be able to help GRRA rescues find the perfect foster homes on their path to finding their forever family.

lanakollross photo

Lana Kollross

  • Intake Coordinator (Shelters)Voicemail Coordinator
  • Joined 11/7/2018

I have been involved in rescue for many years and there isn't anything other than family that I am this passionate about. I am honored to be involved in helping save Goldens and love all dogs!


Linda Urheim

  • Medical Liaison
  • Joined 9/16/2018

I am a retired dog lover. I Retired after 37Plus years of commuting into Atlanta for a "paying job". Now I stay at home with my 2 rescued Golden Retrievers and help on the GRRA Medical Team, where I LOVE what we can do for the orphans.


Rita Pikor

  • Intake Coordinator (Owner Turn-Ins)
  • Joined 9/25/2013
susanswartz photo

Susan Swartz

  • Adoption Day Coordinator
  • Joined 9/24/2013

Susan joined GRRA after moving from the northeast in 2006, where she was a volunteer with DVGRR. She started doing home checks and fostering. Roux was her first GRRA adoption "foster failure", later to be followed by Teddy. To date Susan has fostered over 30 dogs for GRRA. She has also worked on the annual GRRA "Rescue Romp" celebration. Susan took on the role of Adoption Day Coordinator in 2008 and continues to enjoy meeting the GRRA foster dogs and the potential adopters each month.

susieschaffer photo

Susie Schaffer

  • Foster Home Coordinator
  • Joined 12/16/2013

joined GRRA in 2013. Volunteered for Gold Ribbon Rescue in Austin Texas for 11 years before moving to Georgia. Goldens are a passion for me.

tinacuendet photo

Tina Cuendet

  • Intake Coordinator (Owner Turn-Ins)
  • Joined 8/18/2018

I joined GRRA in 2018, after moving to Georgia from Arizona. In Arizona, I volunteered with an animal rescue organization in the areas of adoption counseling and fostering. It’s a pleasure to volunteer with GRRA on the Intake Team and work with people who are passionate about rescue.


Wanda Prater

  • Dog Consultant Manager
  • Joined 10/4/2018
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