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Volunteer of the Month - Ken Winfield


Congratulations to Ken Winfield, GRRA’s December Volunteer of the Month! Ken currently serves as the Retriever Taxi Coordinator, the GRRA Paws on the Path Hike for Vato Coordinator, as well as an Adoption Day escort. He is also coordinating GRRA’s involvement in the Johns Creek Founders Day Parade on December 2nd. Ken, and his wife, Nancy, have also fostered for GRRA. As one of our fellow volunteers said in his nomination about several of the jobs he does, "Ken does an amazing job coordinating the transports and organizing the hikes. Both are very important tasks and, of course, everyone loves the hikes!" Ken shares his GRRA experience:

It’s truly an honor to be chosen as the December VOM. What makes it really great is getting an award for just having a good time. The volunteers and goldens at GRRA are fantastic and have really made doing my jobs a pleasure.

Back in 2010, Nancy and I wanted to adopt a companion for our golden rescue, Jackson. On a suggestion from a dog park friend, we contacted GRRA. I was very impressed with GRRA and my Adoption Consultant. So, after we adopted Molly and I had some spare time, I filled out the volunteer form and was “all in”.

I started helping out as an Adoption Day Escort once a month, taking prospective adopters around, introducing them to our dogs and their fosters. It is a great job for learning about GRRA and goldens from our fosters. Most of them have years of experience and training. I also love meeting the new dogs and chatting with the fosters. We also joined the GRRA Paws on the Path hiking group. Nancy and I would take Jackson and Molly on the monthly hikes around the Atlanta metro area. It’s an absolute joy to be in the great outdoors in the company of other dog lovers and allow all of our dogs to socialize with each other while getting exercise. Six months later, GRRA Paws on the Path was looking for a new Hike Coordinator. We enjoyed the hikes so much that I volunteered to take the job. We started with 75 members and we now have 300 members and are still growing. We have about 10 different parks we like to hike including: Red Top Mountain, Big Creek Greenway, Cochran Shoals, and Lanier Point Park. Many of our hikes give the pups a chance to swim. It’s outstanding when 20 Goldens are all paddling around chasing balls, sticks and just having a great time. The only issue is, I can never tell which ones are mine!

Right now, I am coordinating the December 2nd Johns Creek Founders Day Parade. We will have about 20 of our goldens marching. To “wow” the crowds, Nancy just made 25 bandanas for the pups. Tough job but someone has to do it. (Thank you, Nancy! We know the GRRA goldens will look amazing!)

Some time ago, I also took over as Retriever Taxi Coordinator. We have an awesome team of volunteers who chauffer our dogs between vet offices, foster homes, etc. I will receive a call from the Rescue Operations team on the dogs that need rides. I then coordinate with our taxi volunteers according to their geographic location and availability. While waiting to be adopted, our goldens are going through tough times so we make sure their taxi moves are totally seamless and smooth. We want the least possible amount of stress on our dogs. Everything has to be timed perfectly. Being a Retriever Taxi Volunteer is a really great job because you get to help a new GRRA dog directly. Many times you’re the first person to start that golden on the first day of the rest of his wonderful life. Could it get any better than that? I don’t think so as you just saved that dog.

We also foster and, over the years, we have adopted 6 dogs from GRRA: Molly, Annie (Buttercup), Max and the 3 we have now Rico, The Boz, and Daisy. We really are major GRRA foster failures! Saving these dogs from their past situations is extremely rewarding. We just love doing it and thank all of the other GRRA volunteers for letting us help.

Thank you, Ken, for all you do for GRRA and our goldens! You and Nancy have been such a wonderful addition to the organization and we are fortunate to have you as volunteers!

Volunteer of the Month - George Ellis


Congratulations to George Ellis, the GRRA November Volunteer of the Month! George is a dedicated volunteer who performs many duties, including intake team, placement, transporter, foster, Adoption Day volunteer, and home check volunteer. In addition to all of that, he is serving as a point of contact for two special needs dogs. He is helping to determine the best forever homes for these GRRA dogs. As one of GRRA people who nominated him summed it up, “George seems to be everywhere doing everything!” Those of us who are GRRA volunteers can attest to that. When asked how he felt to be chosen as the November Volunteer of the Month, George stated, “It is an honor. I know that it wouldn't be possible without the help of so many other dedicated people here at GRRA so I would like to thank all of our volunteers for their support. GRRA wouldn’t be able to do all it does without all of the volunteers and members.”

George became involved with GRRA in 2012. After a 30+-year career with several airlines, George decided it was time to retire. He longed to be home at night and knew this meant he could finally get a dog (or two). George had always loved dogs, especially retriever types, and had had two beautiful Chesapeake Bay Retrievers when he was young. Years before, George had fallen in love with a friend's golden, Bentley, whom he had known from when he was a puppy. Bentley had a wonderful full life. George shared, “I learned all about what goofy, magnificent souls goldens are.” As goldens lovers, many of us know exactly what George is talking about. He continued, “I am so glad GRRA was at the top of my Google search!” So are we, George, as we gained a wonderful volunteer and friend.

George said it was difficult to choose his most rewarding moment while volunteering at GRRA because he has had so many. “However,” he continued, “It is very rewarding picking up scared dogs from a shelter. It is so gratifying to be able to walk outside with these dogs and observe them taking in the views and fresh air during their rides to freedom!” He also loves to see the transformation in so many dogs that didn’t get “their fair shake the first or second time around.” Many of us in rescue echo that sentiment and are, like George, thrilled to see wonderful dogs finally get the great homes they deserve.

Thank you, George, for your dedication to GRRA and our beloved goldens. You are making a difference in many dogs’ lives and we truly appreciate all you do!

If reading George’s story has inspired you to volunteer, please apply to volunteer online at A GRRA volunteer will be happy to talk with you about volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer of the Month - Rita Pikor


Congratulations to Rita Pikor, GRRA’s October Volunteer of the Month! If you attend GRRA’s Adoption Days at Petco, you will probably recognize Rita’s smiling face. She is at the front of the store at the volunteer check-in, sales and information table. What you don’t see before everyone arrives, is Rita carrying into the store the table, GRRA calendars and t-shirts, etc. to set-up. She even stores all of that at her house! In addition to helping at Adoption Day and other events, Rita has fostered, done Retriever Taxi, intakes, and assisted with the GRRA holiday party. That is one long list of jobs!

Rita became involved in GRRA in 2013 immediately after losing her last two goldens. Many of us can relate to the difficult time she had after her beloved dogs passed away. She missed having goldens in her life and decided to get involved with GRRA. Rita volunteered to foster and to date she has fostered 18 dogs. As mentioned, she has moved on to assisting with a variety of tasks in GRRA. She explained, “Volunteering was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

If you are a regular reader of the Volunteer of the Month articles, you may have noticed that the VOM’s often describe many rewarding moments that they have experienced while volunteering with GRRA. Rita shared that same sentiment, saying, “I have had many rewarding moments! Every time you place a dog with their new family, it is so special. It is a bittersweet day, but seeing the happiness and smiles on the faces of the adopters makes it so worth it.” Rita told a story about recently seeing one of her first foster dogs at his family’s house. She had not seen him in about a year. When he came out the front door and they let him go, he ran over to her car, jumped up and gave her a hug and kisses. Understandably, she was very touched! After a sweet story like that, it may seem obvious why Rita continues to volunteer for GRRA. She explained, “I can never get too much of golden retrievers. I love all dogs but there is just something so special to me about this breed. I just look at their face, and it makes me instantly smile and warms my heart. I have even crossed the street on walks and stopped my car to pet a golden! I have made new friends and met so many caring people within this organization. It is such a “feel-good” community to be a part of. GRRA came into my life at a difficult time and helped me to turn that into a fun and rewarding time. My only regret is that I didn't discover my passion for goldens when I was in my 20's so that I could have had many more to love!”

Rita, thank you for your dedication to helping deserving goldens find loving homes. We truly appreciate you!

Volunteer of the Month - Jean Vallee


Congratulations to Jean Vallee, the GRRA September Volunteer of the Month. Jean, who started volunteering in 2007, is a foster who often takes on special needs dogs. One of the volunteers that nominated Jean stated, "She is a foster who will take on long term care dogs. Often the dogs are older, not well socialized and in need of medical care. Sometimes it takes months for the dogs to become well enough to be adopted. Other times she has taken care of dogs until they cross the rainbow bridge. She is so very loving to each of these GRRA dogs.”

Jean has a soft heart for the difficult cases. In fact, she started fostering for GRRA after seeing a golden retriever online that was in bad shape. The post said that it was a male golden retriever taken from a person who was feeding a pack of dogs. He was hospitalized, and the dogs found themselves on their own. Jean contacted GRRA and offered to foster the golden. Three baths later, they discovered that the male golden was actually a female! After being in such a difficult situation, it was not a surprise that Ayla had shut down emotionally. Jean discovered during the first night at her house that she was also epileptic. She elaborated, “Ayla needed extra confidence, some extra medication and some time to realize that things were looking up! Her story had a happy ending when she got adopted by a lovely couple.”

Jean was very touched when she was told she was the September Volunteer of the Month. She said, “It is a wonderful honor and a nice surprise! This is such a well run, competent and caring organization and I am proud to be a part of it.” Jean continued, “I stepped away from volunteering for awhile and it is great to be back with this group. GRRA has the nicest volunteers!”

Jean shared several of her favorite things about fostering. She truly enjoys watching her foster dogs go to their new homes where they will be loved for the rest of their lives. Also, Jean is delighted when she delivers her foster dogs to their new homes and she witnesses them starting to “click” with their new owners. Recently, Jean adopted her foster dog, Pepper, to a long time GRRA volunteer, Paula Rosenberg. While she was there, she noticed Pepper looking towards Paula for cues. Jean stated, “That is the best part!” Once a successful adoption has been completed, Jean is eager to start again with a new foster dog looking for his/her forever home. This is good news for GRRA as we are always in need of great foster homes.

Jean, it is volunteers like you that make GRRA a successful organization. Our heartfelt thanks for all you do for GRRA and our precious goldens!

Volunteer of the Month - Kristi Ryczek


Congratulations to Kristi Ryczek, the GRRA August Volunteer of the Month! Kristi is a foster that has also has chipped in performing other important tasks, such as intakes and transports. After being told she was the August Volunteer of the Month, Kristi said, “I am truly honored, as I know there so many deserving volunteers in this fabulous organization.”

Kristi started volunteering in GRRA in 2012. She found a golden mix running across 4 lanes of traffic on Highway 92 in Woodstock and didn’t want him to get hit by a car. She made her way to the dog, opened her car door and the dog jumped right in. After two weeks of Kristi trying to locate his owner and checking regularly with the shelters with no success, she knew she needed to find a rescue that would take him. After contacting other rescues that weren’t able to take him, she emailed GRRA. Kristi recalls she immediately received a phone call from long-time GRRA volunteer, Cynthia Ring. Kristi offered to foster the dog, Bear, and Cynthia did her home check. She has been volunteering ever since!

In addition to fostering for GRRA, Kristi also fosters for several other organizations. When Kristi fosters for GRRA, she is known to be willing to accept the more complicated foster dogs. For example, she has fostered dogs that had issues with resource guarding and other behavioral issues. Recently, Kristi fostered seven puppies! Anyone who has had a puppy in the house knows what kind of commitment it takes. Multiply that commitment times seven and you get an idea just how dedicated Kristi is to GRRA and our dogs.

When asked what her most rewarding moment with GRRA was, Kristi answered, “There have been so many! I'd have to say being able to place dogs like Stella, who had major behavioral issues, with other dogs. I love being able to play a small part in rehabilitating and training these dogs. Generally, no one wants to foster or work with the more difficult dogs, but dogs with behavioral issues are the dogs that I want to foster. They have my heart.”


In the busy world we live in, it takes someone special to spend their limited free time helping dogs in need. Kristi clearly demonstrates her passion for dogs by volunteering. She explained her motivation saying, “Seeing all of the stories of my adoptees living the high life with their new families is great. I did Bosley's intake and that poor dog was terribly neglected. I love seeing him healthy and happy with his amazing family, Ken and Nancy Winfield. I love seeing my former foster dog, Stella, romping around with her little boy owner. I love seeing those puppies grow up, doing fun things like going to ball games and the beach. Most of all, I love seeing them being loved & cherished by their families.” In her rescue work, Kristi often deals with dogs with behavioral issues as well as injured and neglected dogs. She shared, “Healing these babies physically & emotionally is the most rewarding feeling. I'm always surprised & humbled by how far they come in such a short time. Dogs never cease to amaze me.” Many of us in rescue have seen first hand how true that sentiment is.

Thank you, Kristi, for your time and dedication to GRRA and to helping so many dogs in need. We truly appreciate all you do!

If reading Kristi’s story has inspired you to volunteer or to find out more about fostering, please email and a GRRA volunteer will be happy to talk with you about volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer of the Month - Paula Rosenberg


Congratulations to Paula Rosenberg, the GRRA May Volunteer of the Month!

Paula, one of GRRA’s long-time volunteers, has been volunteering since 2000! After she moved to Atlanta, Paula wanted to get involved in the community by volunteering. She was also interested in adopting a dog and thought volunteering for GRRA might be a good way to see how the adoption process worked. She started at the Adoption Days as an applicant escort. Paula felt it was a great way to get to know the organization and the other volunteers. An added benefit, Paula said, was meeting all of the great goldens.


In addition to working at the Adoption Days, Paula does home checks. She said she enjoys doing them and sees her role as being “the eyes and ears for the fosters and organization” to make sure GRRA is finding just the right home for their goldens. After learning how to give allergy shots to one of her dogs, Paula was recruited to help Barry Levine with microchipping the GRRA dogs. Paula says it is worth the unhappy looks she sometimes receives from the dogs because it is very important for the dogs to be chipped to make sure they can be identified and their owners contacted if they ever get lost.


If you are reading this article in the GRRA newsletter, you can probably imagine the time and energy it takes to put the it together. Paula had the big job of being the GRRA Newsletter Editor for several years until recently when she rotated out of the position. Paula was awarded the VOM in large part to thank her for the time she has invested in the being the Editor the last few years. When she was asked how she felt to be chosen as the May Volunteer of the Month, she stated, “Whenever I see these VOM articles, everyone says they feel like they don’t deserve the award. I feel the same way. There are so many other volunteers who do so much more than I do! I’m just honored that folks appreciate my contribution to the cause.” We absolutely do, Paula!

Paula finds it particularly rewarding to see a golden happy and thriving in their forever home. She shared, “Going to the Rescue Romp is a great way to see these ‘happily-ever-afters.’ I like the feeling that I helped to make that happen. With such a great group of volunteers, when I can’t give GRRA my full attention, I know it keeps going. And, then when time permits, I am able to come back and give some more.”

Paula, like many other GRRA volunteers, has met and adopted her dogs through the organization. She stated, “I know, first hand, how wonderful it is to have these dogs in my life. Some come to me not entirely sure of things. It’s amazing when you finally see them let go and be goofy dogs for the first time. It makes my heart burst!”


Paula wanted to let other GRRA volunteers who may not have the time they used to have to volunteer that she can relate. She recommends to others to not let that be a deterrent in volunteering again. She explained, “If you can’t do your previous position, just ask what you can do with the time you do have. There is always something you can help with!” That is great advice that also applies to potential volunteers who may have limited time to spend volunteering. Please don’t let that stop you! You can apply to volunteer at and someone will contact you to help find a position that you will enjoy and fits the time you have to give. GRRA and our goldens can always use your help!

Volunteer of the Month - Melinda Lahmers


Put your paws together for Melinda Lahmers, our April GRRA™ Volunteer of the Month! Melinda and her family have had Golden Retrievers for 30 years. She currently has her eighth and ninth goldens - a puppy named Gibbs and 3-year old Cooper. Melinda's long history with the breed is why she always looks for "everything golden" and happened upon GRRA's Facebook page back in October 2015. Social media is a wonderful thing as it brings us awesome supporters and dedicated volunteers. Melinda contacted GRRA right away and quickly became an Adoption Consultant. Melinda has enjoyed her time being an Adoption Consultant (AC). "You get to meet a lot of different people. You get to hear their stories. There has been a few times that I've cried along with always empathize with an applicant when they've lost pets," she shares. However, they are always hopeful that they will find another perfect golden. For those who want to explore being an AC, here are Melinda's responsibilities. It starts when she is assigned an applicant and she contacts them within 24 hours. A telephone interview is set up and GRRA has a set of questions to get to know the applicant's history with dogs and their home situation a little bit better. Next, she arranges for a home checker in their area to dive deeper into the applicants' home environment. Finally, after approval, the fun part begins and applicants start searching for adoptees that they are interested in. If a particular dog and family seem compatible, Melinda forwards the foster the applicant's application, telephone interview, and home check. She always makes it a point to remain in constant contact with the foster and family to ensure all information is being exchanged and follow ups are made. Melinda would like to venture out to other roles, potentially doing home checks or helping out with GRRA's largest fundraiser, the Rescue Romp. Around three dozen applicants have had the pleasure of working with Melinda over the last year and a half. GRRA wants to commend Melinda for always being willing to take on extra applicants since we are lucky to have so many people interested in adopting our wonderful dogs. Throughout her time as an AC Melinda says, "My most memorable experience is anytime my applicants are chosen to adopt. It's like winning the lottery...their excitement is contagious!" With her long history of owning goldens, Melinda says, "It is so hard seeing these dogs that are homeless...if I can help them find another loving home, I will try." Melinda's thoroughness and positive attitude definitely helps the sometimes stressful process of matchmaking our dogs to potential fur-ever homes. GRRA would like to thank you, Melinda, for being the friendly "face" of the organization to our applicants!

Volunteer of the Month - Denny Beresford

VOM Volunteer of the month? Surely not me as there are so many others who contribute much more to the day to day success of GRRA. But rather than simply declining an undeserved honor I decided that I would accept the recognition – on behalf of all of the GRRA Finance Team!

Serving as a Director and Treasurer of GRRA for the past three and a half years has been made possible only by the strong support of the large group of highly qualified individuals who provide all of the business record keeping that allows our dog-facing volunteers to do their job properly. In alphabetical order, the current Finance Team consists of:

Cathie Andress – processing of PayPal transactions and transfers to our bank account
Sherry Blanton – thank you notes for donations
Tina Hudgins – accounting records postings and bank reconciliations
Louise Sghiatti – processing checks for payments to vets and other GRRA expenses
Carol Shipley – picking up mail at our PO box, making cash deposits, and preparing grant applications
Natalie Shpigel – preparation of annual dog calendar and paper membership-renewal newsletter
Meredith Ussery – Salesforce entries for donations, etc.

Some of these Team members contribute in other ways to GRRA's success such as Carol's frequent fostering activities. And while all of the Team members should receive equal recognition, one is "more equal than others." That's my Assistant Treasurer and right hand person, Kate Lipchiz.

Kate was Treasurer before me and patiently trained me to assume my duties (I'm still in training over three years later!). More important, she's stayed involved with the Team to help recruit new members, train them in their new assignments, and always be available to answer questions no matter how large or small. She also digs in to help with many of the specific finance activities such as overseeing the accounting records postings and working with Natalie on the annual dog calendar and paper newsletter. With her great knowledge of GRRA's history, she has truly bailed me out several times when specific issues seemed to pose impossible challenges. In short, I couldn't have done the Treasurer job without Kate's significant behind the scenes help.

Thanks to all of the Finance Team and particular thanks to Kate!

I first became aware of GRRA many years ago when my wife and I were looking to adopt a Golden after the death of one of ours. At that time we lucked into a private adoption so we didn't need to complete the GRRA process. But I stayed in touch, made a few donations, and read the regular newsletter. When I saw that a new Treasurer was needed, I thought that was an area where I could help with my accounting background.

Last year we were able to adopt Baylee from GRRA – a now nearly four year-old mix of Golden Retriever and Collie with a little Great Pyrenees tossed in! Thanks George Ellis and Susan Swartz for your work in bringing Baylee to us. Baylee is still a work in process as he doesn't have the same warm and friendly behavior of a typical Golden – but he's getting better. And after all, our adopting him is what GRRA is all about – providing a forever home for a deserving dog and growing to love one another over time.

Thanks to GRRA for giving me this wonderful opportunity to serve.

Volunteer of the Month - Shannon Hamilton

VOM Let’s start the New Year by toasting one of GRRA™’s newer volunteers, Shannon Hamilton. Having a background in marketing and event planning, Shannon joined our organization a little over a year ago thanks to our 2016 Director of Volunteer Recruitment, Christie Bell, who works in the same company. Knowing Shannon has much experience in event planning and, of course, is a dog lover, Christie asked if she would be interested in becoming the new Director of Fundraising for 2016, with a primary focus of coordinating the GRRA Rescue Romp. Shannon happily volunteered and her adventure began.

In her role as Fundraising Director, Shannon spent the first part of her year planning the department’s budget and creating fundraising goals which included continuing current GRRA activities.

Of course coordinating the Romp is a primary focus in her role; however, Shannon also brainstormed and proposed new fundraising ideas for our organization. One important accomplishment was completing the project to redesign the GRRA t-shirts. Make sure to grab one soon!

GRRA’s Rescue romp is our much anticipated and largest annual fundraiser as many of you know. We always want to thank our previous Romp coordinator, Susan Swartz, for her many years of planning. Our 2016 Rescue Romp was another huge success!

This year our Rescue Romp was held at the Canine Ranch in Canton, GA. The Canine Ranch is a specialty training, boarding, and dog sports facility that was built on a philosophy of providing a fun and enriching atmosphere for both dogs and humans. Shannon explains, “We were trying to find places where if you did not have a dog there would be other activities to keep you busy.”

Not only did volunteers, adopters, and other supporters of GRRA get to hang out with wonderful Goldens, there were activities to try that were new to most dogs there like dock diving, lure chasing, and agility. Plus there was Canine Good Citizen Testing, an off-leash area, raffle prizes, and furry family portraits. “My favorite part was seeing the dock diving, watching all the dogs try it out especially ones that had never done it before,” Shannon says. She also added, “I really enjoyed seeing all of the Romp committee’s hard work come to fruition, and seeing all of the volunteers’ hard work being recognized was great.”

Shannon had a wonderful time this year as Director of Fundraising. Shannon shares her motivation for volunteering with GRRA, “I love dogs! I’ve seen so many adopted dogs bring so much joy and love into people’s lives. Finding wonderful homes for these dogs is an awesome feeling.” Shannon would like to personally thank the following Romp committee members for their help in organizing a "paw-some" event:

Melinda Bryant
Christie Bell
August Simon
Leah Smith
Susan Swartz
Janelle Zabresky
Megan Jahnke
Kristy Miller
Amy DeCesare

We applaud you, Shannon, for taking on such an important and challenging role of fundraising for our organization. Thank you for all of your hard work!

Volunteer of the Month - Carol Cain


Congratulations to Carol Cain, the October Volunteer of the Month! Carol is a foster that has also has chipped in performing other important tasks, such as transports, dog walking and training. After being told she was the October Volunteer of the Month, Carol said, “I am totally surprised and flattered to be the Volunteer of the Month. It is an honor I don’t take lightly and I share with my husband, Bob, and our two “boys” (dogs), Simpson and Hank.”

Carol started volunteering in GRRA in January of 2015. After talking with someone who was a foster, Carol became interested in the possibility of becoming a foster too. Previously, Carol and Bob raised service puppies for both Guiding Eyes for the Blind and Canine Companions for Independence so they had a good idea of what was involved in fostering. She and Bob discussed it and they decided that Carol’s love of dogs and her flexible schedule would be a perfect fit for fostering.

At that time, Simpson was their only dog. He was one of the service puppies they raised that wasn’t able to finish the complete service dog program. He was wonderful with the service puppies so they figured he would do well with the foster dogs. The entire Cain family jumped in to volunteer with GRRA and they haven’t looked back! In fact, they added another family member, Hank, a GRRA golden, to their pack in 2015. Both Simpson and Hank are great foster brothers to the GRRA dogs that come through their house.

Carol was recently involved in an incredible GRRA success story starring Aimee, a dog that had been adopted and returned more than once. Aimee had multiple issues including reported dog aggression, so she couldn’t be placed immediately in a foster home.

A great team of volunteers worked to help Aimee become adoptable. Carol made the commitment to go pick Aimee up from the boarding facility every day and bring her back to her neighborhood to walk her and to work on her training. Aimee was quite overweight and this activity, along with a change in her diet, started her on a remarkable weight loss program. That was the beginning of the journey Aimee took and there were other volunteers and trainers that continued working to ensure Aimee would find a loving, permanent home.

Carol is quick to give credit to those people saying, “It is easy to forget there are so many people involved with these dogs. When all of the pieces fall into place and the team is able to get what is needed for the dog; be it medical intervention, training, etc. to ensure every dog has a chance of being successful, it makes it all worth while. Aimee was the personification of this.”

Carol shared the great news that Aimee is now off of her medications, is socialized and happily living in her forever home with her “Dad” that is committed to continuing her training. It is very rewarding to Carol to play a part in helping find the right person/family for the GRRA dogs.

As you can tell, Carol is passionate about dogs saying, “We are their advocates. It is my goal to help them get what they need, build on that to ensure that they get the home, family and love they deserve. There is such a need for fosters so my goal is to try to get more dog loving people committed to helping provide Goldens temporary homes.”

Thank you, Carol, for time and dedication to GRRA and to helping Goldens in need. We truly appreciate all you do.

-Submitted by Victoria Hastie

*If reading Carol’s story has inspired you to volunteer or to find out more about fostering, please email and a GRRA volunteer will be happy to talk with you. *

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