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Volunteer of the Month - Sherry Blanton

Congratulations to Sherry Blanton, the September GRRA Volunteer of the Month! Sherry volunteers as a member of the Voicemail Team. As a voicemail team member, she checks the GRRA voicemail and responds to the calls directly or sends the information to the appropriate volunteer who can respond to the caller. She monitors the GRRA voicemail all but approximately 6 hours per week which demonstrates her dedication to the GRRA and its Goldens.


In addition to being on the Voicemail Team, Sherry writes condolence notes to volunteers and adopters who have lost their Goldens. She began volunteering about 10 years ago after her beloved Golden, Maddie, passed away and she wanted to do something to help other Goldens.

She joined the Voicemail Team and started working with Deb Jacobs, the Voicemail Coordinator. While working together over the years to help improve the quality of lives for Goldens, they have formed a wonderful friendship. Sherry not only treasures her time spent volunteering for GRRA helping Goldens in need, but also the friendships she now has because of volunteering.

When Sherry was asked about how she felt about being chosen to be Volunteer of the Month, she stated, “I am honored. Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta has such a wonderful group of dedicated volunteers that it is truly special to be singled out for a job that I really love doing. I am accepting this award for all of the volunteers who believe deeply in what we do – finding great forever homes for our orphan Golden Retrievers.”

Sherry approaches her job on the Voicemail Team in a professional and compassionate manner. She describes the voicemail position: “For many people the response to their voicemail is the first contact with our organization. It is important that we represent GRRA in the best way we can. We do a bit of everything: talk to owners of lost dogs and finders of lost dogs, console owners whose pets have passed away or distraught owners who must surrender a dog. It is important for us to keep up with GRRA’s volunteers and activities to connect our callers to the right volunteer and then make certain that each caller’s questions or needs are resolved.” With such a great attitude, it is not a surprise that the feedback to Sherry’s work on the Voicemail Team has been so positive.

Sherry also writes condolence notes on behalf of GRRA when she is informed of a death of an adopter’s or volunteer’s Golden. For many dog lovers, this task might be too difficult to do. However, as sad as it is, Sherry has a positive outlook about this important job she performs. She stated, “It is very meaningful for people to receive a condolence note as it lets them know that as an organization GRRA cares and understands their sorrow.” Each and every dog owner knows how heartbreaking it is to lose a beloved animal and it is a true gift if GRRA can help bring some comfort to someone during a difficult time. GRRA is fortunate to have such a caring volunteer such as Sherry perform this task.

When asked what keeps her motivated to continue volunteering for GRRA after almost a decade, Sherry said that it is her love of Goldens. She explained further, “The important work that we do for the Goldens makes my volunteer time with GRRA a really important part of my life.”

Sherry, we are glad you feel that way and we thank you for all you have done and continue to do for GRRA and our Goldens!

-Submitted by Victoria Hastie

Volunteer of the Month - Jayme Pendergast


Congratulations to Jayme Pendergast, the GRRA August Volunteer of the Month! Jayme got involved in GRRA in 2014 after moving to Atlanta with her family from North Carolina. She had a young son, Brooks, and was still in the process of finding a job and thought it would be a good time to get involved with a Golden Retriever rescue group, something she wanted to do as a Golden Retriever lover and owner. After being told she was the August Volunteer of the Month, Jayme said, “I am honored! There are many great GRRA volunteers.”

Jayme’s husband introduced her to the wonders of being a Golden Retriever owner when they were dating and he brought home a Golden Retriever puppy. Jayme shared, “I was busy with graduate school and my husband traveled a lot for his job so I knew I would take care of the dog. I basically fell in love the minute I held Chuck! 9 years later we still have Chuck and he makes us so happy. In fact, he made us so happy we added another Golden, Alan, to our family 4 years later! We love them both so much and so does our 2 year old Brooks.”

Jayme started volunteering with GRRA as an Adoption Consultant and at Adoption Days. She now has taken on more responsibility, by assigning applicants to the Adoption Consultants so they can begin helping people find great Goldens and the Goldens can find their forever homes. Jayme also serves as a resource for the Adoption Consultants as they work with their applicants. Those who have adopted through GRRA know what an important role their Adoption Consultant played in their adoptions and Jayme’s role behind the scenes is vitally important as well.

In addition to her role on the Adoption Consultant team, Jayme also is on the voicemail team. She returns calls from people who leave messages on the GRRA message line.

In our busy world where free time is rare, there has to be a good reason to spend so much time volunteering for GRRA. When asked what she enjoys most about it, Jayme stated, “I love the senior Goldens and love watching them find the perfect, loving retirement home. Seeing pictures of the dogs we are helping keeps me going. I have a heart for Goldens and I know that they all deserve a loving home.”

We certainly agree with that sentiment! Jayme, thank you for your time and dedication to GRRA and to helping Goldens in need.

Submitted by Victoria Hastie

*There are many individual reasons that inspire GRRA Adoption Consultants and make this volunteer job so rewarding. Currently, GRRA is looking for additional Adoption Consultants. For more information about how you can make a difference in a Golden retriever’s life by volunteering for GRRA, please email *

Volunteer of the Month - Victoria Hastie

I am so thrilled to have a chance to write about one of my favorite GRRA™ volunteers since she was the first person I ever met when I was an adoption applicant. Please say congratulations to our July Volunteer of the Month, Victoria Hastie.

Victoria has been volunteering with GRRA since 2008 when she moved to Atlanta from Florida. Prior to her move to Atlanta, Victoria was involved with rescue groups in Florida for 5 years.

The Hastie’s have a soft spot for senior Goldens and have adopted two seniors from GRRA – Murphy in 2009 and Buddy in October 2012. Recently they wanted to try their hand in adopting a younger whippersnapper, so they adopted 4 ½ year old Cody and he joins their lab mix, Cali.


Victoria started fostering for GRRA in January 2016, and since then she fostered three dogs – Sam, Bernie, and Emma. We have had many foster volunteers spotlighted in these articles as they are such an important part of providing insight into our dogs’ personality. There are so many variables and topics included in foster evaluations that need to be “tested” even if a foster does not have cats, other dogs, or children. Victoria explains that sometimes special trips can be made to a pet store where they have a cat room or a vet’s office to see how the dogs may react. Family members and their children can visit the home to see the dog’s reaction to new people.

A trickier situation is of course our heartworm positive dogs and keeping them in a calm environment until their treatment is over. Victoria always tries to give detailed evaluations to make matching her foster dogs to applicants easier. A fellow adoption consultant nominated Victoria for also providing superior communication which helps adoptions consultants stay in the loop on where their applicants are in her decision making process.

Our group is so blessed to have a volunteer like Victoria as she has performed just about every role on our volunteer roles list with much success! Up until last year, Victoria was a member of the Board Team for GRRA as Volunteer Coordinator. While taking on the busy role as a board member, she was also an Adoption Consultant for seven years. You can still find Victoria working adoption days, performing home checks, providing transports, doing intakes, and contributing monthly to the Golden Bark newsletter as a fellow Volunteer of the Month article author.

Victoria also serves as a Volunteer Facilitator that interviews prospective volunteers interested in becoming involved with GRRA and getting them plugged into an appropriate volunteer role. GRRA is looking for additional foster families. The more foster families there are, the more Goldens that can be saved. We also are looking for great adoption consultants who can play matchmakers for applicants and adoptees. For more information about how you can make a difference in a Golden Retriever’s life by fostering for GRRA, please email

It’s always hard to choose one memorable experience being a GRRA volunteer. For Victoria, her highlights are when her past adopters stay in touch with her and send texts, pictures, and holiday cards reminding her of how happy our goldens are with their forever families.

That is why we do what we do, and thank you, Victoria, for all that you have done and continue to do for GRRA!

- Submitted by Natalie Shpigel

Volunteer of the Month - Erik Anderson

VOM Congratulations to Erik Anderson, the June GRRA Volunteer of the Month! Erik has been around Golden Retrievers his entire life and loves the breed. Last year, he was looking at some Golden Retriever information online and found GRRA’s website. He decided it would be great to volunteer and help find homes for wonderful Golden Retrievers in need of forever families.

Erik has done just that since he became a GRRA foster last year. To date, he has fostered and found terrific homes for 13 Golden Retrievers! In addition to fostering, Erik also serves as a mentor to new fosters. Even though he is busy with those volunteer jobs, his family, and working as a System Administrator for JM family Enterprises, Erik is looking for other ways to become more involved with GRRA. Thank you, Erik!

When Erik was asked how felt about being named the June Volunteer of the Month, he said, “It's a great honor. There are many volunteers that deserve this and I'm humbled to be chosen.”

Erik enjoys fostering because he loves finding the perfect family for each of his Golden fosters. Seeing a dog have a second chance with a family that will love and care for them is what makes the fostering experience worthwhile to him. When asked about his most rewarding experience with GRRA, Erik explained, “It was fostering Daphne who was a 10-year-old Golden girl who had been left outside for all of her life chained up and neglected. It took a while for her to become comfortable being an inside dog and to trust us. Once the bond was made she became the great princess I knew she could be. After getting her through her heartworm treatment, we found her a perfect home with a Golden brother; her own pool to swim in and her new adopted dad was a vet to boot. I couldn't have asked for a better family for her.” Daphne’s fortunes have certainly changed for the better thanks to GRRA, Erik and her adopter! She deserves this amazing life.

Erik, like many other GRRA volunteers, has assistance from his family that helps make his volunteering possible. Erik is thankful for his loving and supportive wife, Lori, as well as his three wonderful children: Nathan, Andy and Amber. Of course, Erik’s family also includes fur children. The Andersen’s have a GRRA Golden, Reagan, a rescued lab, a rescue Dachshund and a miniature Pomeranian.

Thank you, Erik, for all you are doing to find GRRA Goldens loving, forever homes! Thank you also to Lori and the Andersen children for helping out with the fostering! We appreciate all you do.

*There are many other stories such as Eric and Daphne’s that inspire GRRA fosters and make this volunteer job so rewarding. Currently, GRRA is looking for additional foster families. The more foster families there are, the more Goldens that can be saved. For more information about how you can make a difference in a Golden Retriever’s life by fostering for GRRA, please email *

Volunteer of the Month - Lori Podolski


Our GRRA™’s May Volunteer of the Month, Lori Podolski, has had Golden family members for the last 25 years. “I loved the breed so much I wanted to do something for them and with them,” the native of Ontario, Canada remembers. That is when Lori started volunteering for Golden Retrievers in Need (GRIN) in Columbus, OH. After moving to Atlanta, she continued her journey donating her time to GRRA in November 2014.

The first role that Lori tackled was becoming an Adoption Consultant (AC). “We read about our adoptables, interview our applicants and look for a match,” Lori explains. “We’re basically matchmakers…I’ve always liked matchmaking for humans, but I’ve had better success rates for retrievers and families,” she laughs.

After interviewing applicants, ACs also arrange for their home check to be performed. Finally, when an applicant is approved the matchmaking can begin. If a particular dog and family seem compatible, the AC forwards the foster the applicant’s application, telephone interview, and home check.

Lori’s most memorable experience has been through adoption consulting, “Getting that match…between retriever and family, that’s what it is.” Lori can feel the applicants’ emotion and love for dogs and it never gets old to help families find their new family member. In the last 1 ½ years, Lori has helped place around 20 dogs.
More recently, Lori was asked to broaden her AC duties and help on the administration side. All online applications come in through Salesforce as leads, and Lori converts them to applicants. Once this happens then the applicants can be assigned to ACs. Lori also answers questions coming in from Petfinder and sends welcome letters to new applicants.

Currently, Lori has two furry four-legged children – Mya, a Golden retriever, and Ollie, a Great Pyrenees. In the last year, they have enjoyed the company of two foster sisters, Lacey and Lydia. Lacey was with Lori for four months since she had heartworms. She was adopted in October and Lori is still in contact with the adopting family. Ms. Lydia was a sweet senior who had some issues due to the fact that her arthritis conditions were not being treated properly. But once Lori cleaned her up and got her on proper medication, Lydia was a Golden girl again. “I took her adoption day, and they were fighting over her!” she proudly says.

Interestingly, Lori was drawn to the organization because of our website. “It is done so incredibly well…it’s very well organized and attracted me first,” she says. Lori then gives praise to GRRA’s dedicated volunteers and amazing applicants. And we are proud to have you, Lori, as one of those volunteers. Thank you for all you do!

- Submitted by Natalie Shpigel

Volunteer of the Month - Karen Page


Congratulations to Karen Page, the GRRA April Volunteer of the Month!

A true Golden lover throughout her entire life, Karen became involved with GRRA after retiring in 2014 from a 30+-year career in sales and marketing. She explains, “With my new found free time, I wanted to reach out to a local volunteer group that I knew I would be passionate about. I have always had Golden Retrievers in my life since I was 7 years old, so I thought this would be a great fit for me. I was already a fan of this particular breed, not only for their beauty and intelligence, but also for their absolute sweetness, loyalty, and unconditional love. I reached out to GRRA regarding available opportunities and remember very clearly appreciating their overall approach to the entire adoption process. I began as an official GRRA volunteer in December of 2014.”

Initially, Karen was a member of the home check team. She enjoyed that job and decided when she saw there was a need for a “Happy Tales” Coordinator; she would assist with that as well.

Last November, she was approached to take on the new role of Post Adoption Coordinator. She jumped at the opportunity to help in creating a role that consisted of reaching out to recent adopters and to be an ongoing resource of support and assistance to new adopters to ensure they, as well as their new canine family members, were thriving.

As if she weren’t busy enough, Karen joined the GRRA Marketing Committee in February as a Blogger for the newsletter. Look for her upcoming monthly blog posts that will cover a full range of interesting topics such as ‘traveling with your Golden’, ‘health concerns and medical issues for Goldens’, ‘taking care of senior Goldens’, and ‘behavioral / training tips for adopted Goldens.’ Karen has certainly jumped into volunteering with GRRA with both feet and for that, we are grateful!

In our busy world where free time is rare, there has to be a good reason to spend so much time volunteering for GRRA. Karen had several that she shared with us, “Each and every time I get to meet a possible new adoption family on a home check visit or any phone call I make when I get to speak directly to someone who has given a GRRA Golden a forever home and is completely over the moon about their brand new furry family member -personally those are all the best moments for me. Just seeing the faces of people sharing their past dog stories with me in their living room or hearing over the phone how excited someone is about adopting their new Golden is extremely rewarding. I'm truly lucky that I get to see a little bit of both ends of the adoption process -from start to finish.” She continued, “I absolutely love all of the volunteer activities I do with GRRA. Goldens needs happy forever homes to thrive in and I get an opportunity every week to help with that very objective. These dogs are really 'people' dogs at their core. It's important that we continue to find as many warm and nurturing families out there that want to adopt these sweet and loving beings. I'm just pleased to be able to assist with that goal in some small way. All Goldens deserve a second chance at a long, healthy life.” That is well said, Karen!

If you are a regular reader of the monthly Volunteer of the Month articles in the newsletter, you may have noticed that the dedicated volunteers given this award often express surprise as well as point out that there are many other deserving GRRA volunteers. It speaks volumes about the wonderful group of volunteers GRRA has that so many different people could be the Volunteer of the Month. When Karen was asked how she felt to be chosen as the April Volunteer of the Month, she shared similar sentiments, “I feel both thrilled and humbled to be chosen as the GRRA Volunteer of the Month. I know within this amazing organization that there are many, many volunteers that go "above and beyond" their duties on a daily basis, so I am pleased to be recognized in this very special way. Every single person I've worked with at GRRA has been completely gracious, kind, and extremely focused on the collective goal of ensuring each adoption is a happy and successful experience for both the adopting family as well as the Golden Retriever.”

Thank you, Karen, for being the exact type of volunteer that you described. We are fortunate to have you on the volunteer team!

  • Submitted by Victoria Hastie

Volunteer of the Month - Leah Smith


Leah Smith, GRRA™’s March Volunteer of the Month, became involved with the organization in the early 1990’s after the rescue entity separated from the Golden Retriever Breed Club. Leah was one of the first GRRA volunteers and actually used her home phone number to take rescue calls. “How hard can this be? I put my phone number in the paper. My phone blew up the first night!” she remembers. She soon realized that GRRA needed a voicemail system. She also hosted the 1st Annual Picnic at her house in Douglasville.

More recently in 2015, Leah focused her time on the board as the Director of Placement. “Once the dogs are in foster care they become placement dogs” she explains. One of the primary aspects of her role was to oversee all of GRRA’s applicants and ensuring the adoption consultants (ACs) were assigned new applicants. Other responsibilities include handling any applicant problems or turning down applications, working with the intake coordinator in foster-to-adopt situations, making sure the AC-applicant relationships were going smoothly, helping fosters receive applications, etc. Last year GRRA had a unique situation where there were not enough Goldens coming into the program and a large pool of applicants. Leah had to make the decision for GRRA to stop accepting new applications to adopt for a short time.

As a long time Golden lover Leah has had eight Golden rescues so far. Leah and her husband, Jim, love senior Goldens and have adopted four “Golden oldies” as well as a senior silky terrier. Currently, the Smiths share their home with two Goldens, Libby and Luke, as well as a Shih Tzu, Indy, and a Maltese, Zoey.

Libby is quite an accomplished Golden who is an awesome dock diver as well as having earned obedience titles (UD), agility titles (OAJ & OAP) and Rally Obedience (RN). The Smiths adopted Luke who at the time was 20 pounds overweight and did not know how to swim. Leah says adoringly, “Luke lost 20 pounds, we taught him how to swim, and now he’s a dock divin’ fool!” He has multiple dock diving titles and was even invited to St. Louis to jump in the Ultimate Air Games.

Leah is also a member of the Atlanta Golden Retriever Club (AGCR) that hosts an annual breed specialty trial which she has helped organize the celebration of rescued Goldens. Both owners and their dogs are proud to have their time in the spotlight and are showcased along with their rescue stories. Usually they start from youngest to oldest so it is always an emotional presentation. If you want to check out the next annual trial March 25-27, visit their website at - anyone is welcome. It is an amazing opportunity to see Goldens compete in obedience and conformation and meet members of the AGRC club. This year GRRA will have a booth to bring awareness to our club.

Leah’s experience with the breed and her rescue dogs illustrates the wide breadth of qualities and skills Goldens possess – being fabulous family pets, excellent therapy/assistance dogs, and natural athletes in agility and obedience. This is why it is so rewarding to give our Goldens a second chance in life to be all they can be. GRRA is excited to honor and thank Leah, a veteran volunteer who has been here to see and help the growth and progress of this rescue organization.

  • Submitted by Natalie Shpigel

Volunteer of the Month - Sheila Urquhart


Congratulations to Sheila Urquhart, the GRRA February Volunteer of the Month! Sheila has volunteered for three years for GRRA in various roles, predominantly fostering senior Goldens. Sheila also volunteers at the monthly Adoption Days and has helped with the Rescue Romp. Sheila recently started working as the GRRA Rescue Operations Manager.

When asked how she felt to be nominated as the February Volunteer of the Month, Sheila stated, *When I heard I was chosen as Volunteer of the Month, I was honored, surprised and humbled. I do what I do, not for the recognition, but to help dogs in need and to help find them their forever homes.”

Prior to moving to Georgia and becoming involved with GRRA, Sheila was a long time Golden rescue volunteer. She explained, “I have been involved with various Golden rescues for almost 30 years in the Washington, D.C. area and Iowa. With those groups, I served in a variety of roles, including President, Treasurer, Merchandise Coordinator, Home Check visitor, donations acknowledgement, and transporter.” In addition to volunteering in rescue, Sheila has been involved in many other dog activities, including breed showing, obedience, agility, tracking and field work.

As someone who has a special place in her heart for senior dogs, Sheila said her favorite part of rescue is when senior Goldens find homes who will love them for whatever time they have left. She knows that the quality of life they will have with their adopters is more important than the quantity.

Sheila and her husband, Gordon, have opened their hearts and home to many GRRA foster dogs as well as their own senior rescue dogs. She explained, “Foster dogs who come into our house learn to share space and love with many other dogs. In addition to two GRRA foster dogs, we currently have 8 dogs of our own (four Cairn Terriers [Toto], a corgie, an Eskimo mix, and 2 Goldens, including a recently adopted GRRA Golden, Laddie.)”

As you can imagine, Sheila’s free time is primarily devoted to caring for all the seniors in her home. She added, “Including my husband! I wouldn't trade my life for anything.” Sheila, we are so fortunate to have such a dedicated volunteer working to help the GRRA senior Goldens find wonderful homes. Thank you!


Volunteer of the Month - Hal Schlenger


After I congratulated our January GRRA™ Volunteer of the Month, he jokingly responded, “Thanks, it took me five years to get here!” That’s right – please put your paws together for our former GRRA president, Hal Schlenger!

Years ago, Hal and the leadership team actually started the Volunteer of the Month program and named it in memory of a volunteer, Lori Kauffman, who had passed away. It was part of her last wishes to donate to the organization; however, the team felt strongly about recognizing GRRA’s volunteers and suggested this program to honor Lori and a deserving volunteer every month. We finally can laud a very important volunteer, Hal Schlenger, our outgoing GRRA president.

The Schlenger family has been involved with GRRA for 120 dog years (17 human years for those doing the math in their head)! They first were introduced to our organization as adopters – since then four lucky dogs, Beau, Lex, Teva and Sarah, chose them as their people.

Next the family started volunteering as fosters in 2000. “We were looking for something for the whole family to do and fostering seemed to be it,” Hal remembers. Since then they have fostered a whopping 73 of our Goldens and sent them to their fur-ever homes! Some of Hal’s most memorable experiences have been matching his foster dogs to their new families. “We all know in our hearts that we are doing the right thing. But when you get an email, picture, or holiday card from these families later on, it just confirms that,” he explains.

Hal eventually served as GRRA president in 2008-2009 and 2012-2015. He was compelled to this leadership role because he had a great appreciation for the group. As adopters and fosters, they received much help and advice which made everything a learning experience. “It was a way to pay it forward,” he says, “If I could use my leadership skills to make the volunteers successful, then that’s great.”

Hal is most proud of the infrastructure that he and the board created that enabled the volunteers to be successful. It is amazing to think that some years GRRA has rescued over 200 dogs, and this whole operation is run by volunteers – volunteers who do intake, transportation, foster, home checks, adoption consultants, etc. “The only accomplishment I really have is getting out of their way and watching everyone do their thing,” he humbly admits. In 2016, he will take on the role of Director of Marketing so we will still be very fortunate to have Hal serving our organization in a different capacity.

There are other outstanding memories for Hal many of which include the comradery and support of the volunteers and participants from activities such as the Paw on the Path hikes, Rescue Romp, and other GRRA events. “You see the core of volunteers we have and how passionate, committed and caring they are…Golden Retriever people are the quintessential dog people,” he laughs. Hal would like to say to the volunteers, “I’ve met so many friends through the group and learned so much from the dogs that apply to life in general. Anybody who is interested or has the opportunity to be involved – get involved and do good! I’m proof that the more you give the more you get.”

There was a stipulation to the Lori Kauffman Volunteer of the Month award that board members could not be chosen. While it is wonderful learning about new volunteers every month here, let us not forget the board member team whose tireless efforts bring and lead us all together for the one common goal to save and rehome Golden Retrievers.

Thank you, Hal, for leading the charge for the last several years! – Natalie Shpigel

Volunteer of the Month - Will DeLeo


Congratulations to Will DeLeo, the December GRRA Volunteer of the Month! Will volunteers as an Adoption Consultant and has assisted many applicants as they ‘ve gone through the process of adopting a golden. He began volunteering about one year ago shortly after he retired. Will and his wife had adopted two goldens from GRRA and thought it was a great organization. She suggested he contact GRRA and he did. Will found out there was a need, he loves dogs and he stepped right in to help out!

For Will, the best part of being an Adoption Consultant is that he really enjoys talking to the applicants. Many share heartwarming stories with him of how they have rescued previous pets and what they have done to improve the animal’s lives. There are many opportunities for Adoption Consultants to hear these great stories.

An important part of Will’s journey to volunteering with GRRA, he shared, is that he has MS. He no longer drives and can only walk a few yards with a walker. He stated, “If I did not have MS, I probably would spend a good bit of time working in the yard, gardening, etc. and I might not have gotten involved with GRRA. This has given me an opportunity to be more productive. Thank you.” We thank you, Will, for your time and dedication to helping goldens in need. We are fortunate to have volunteers like you!

For those who have adopted from GRRA, you know exactly what an Adoption Consultant does. They helped you find your wonderful golden! For those who might not be aware, Adoption Consultants are the people who contact the applicant after they apply to adopt and they assist applicants as they go through each step of the adoption process. The Adoption Consultants get to know their applicants, know what type of the dog they are looking for and help them find just the right match for their family. This is an important and rewarding volunteer position in GRRA. Adoption Consultants set their own schedule and usually work approximately 1-2 hours per week. If you’d like to volunteer as an Adoption Consultant or would like more information about the position, please email

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