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Rescue Romp 2019

NOTE: Online registration is now closed, but you're still invited to attend the Rescue Romp. Please register and pay at the gate.


Come join us for the best fun family and dog event in town. This is our largest fundraiser of the year. While having fun, you will be supporting all the Retrievers in our care who need your help – It’s a WIN WIN!

Here are a few of the activities we have planned:

  • Dock diving
  • Agility course
  • Lure chase
  • Canine good citizen testing
  • Doggy games (including "Pawcasso" painting, musical sit, and more)
  • Doggy costume parade
  • Raffle baskets of goodies
  • Silent auction
  • Ask the Vet
  • Doggy photo booth
  • Bake sale and doggy Barkery
  • Vendors
  • Golden Gear store
  • And More!

Rescue Romp is Sunday October 13 from Noon-5:00 PM at Canine Ranch 165 Doug Smith Ln, Canton 30114.

Enjoy the scenic drive, and come join in the fun! All well behaved dogs on leash are welcome. No Aggressive dogs please. Bring a couple of folding chairs to relax.

Drop what you are doing and go register now and save! Only $20 per family if you register online AND PAY NOW. At the gate the cost is $25.

Even if you are busy that weekend, you can buy a ticket and support GRRA.

Donate to Clarissa's Medical Fund

Our newest orphan, Clarissa was an owner surrender to a rural shelter. She had a scary few minutes when she slipped out of her Martingale Collar at the vet and ran away from the transporter. She was fairly quickly captured by some awesome Vet Techs and is doing her shelter quarantine at the vet. We thought she might have recently had puppies, but SURPRISE! She is about 3-4 weeks pregnant and will have puppies in another 3-4 weeks. She is chillin for the weekend because she is scared and very stressed because of her ordeal. Heartworm status will be determined in a few days.


We desperately need a foster who is willing to take a pregnant mama and eventually her puppies for a few weeks. The last mama we had stayed in isolation at the vet and tied up the isolation ward for 6 weeks. All our puppy fosters were exhausted from our last couple of litters. As a result our vet bill was over $8,000!

We need fosters and money to prepare for the expense. We took in Clarissa, who appears to be a Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab mix, because we were afraid for her future, and she is lucky we did. If you can help, please consider making a donation or applying to volunteer so you can foster dogs in need like her.

2020 GRRA Calendar Contest

  1. Submit your bid amount (minimum of $100 for a full month) using the form below. No payment is necessary at this time; we will contact you once your photo is accepted.
  2. Send two horizontal/landscape photos of your dog(s) to Make sure they are the highest resolution you can, in focus, and do not crop or cut off any paws, ears, or tail. Look at your background - make sure there are no dirty clothes or trash on the floor, wires, etc. No humans in the photo please. We are also looking for a great calendar cover photo. The best photos are usually taken outside in natural light.
  3. Subject must be either a Golden Retriever, or a GRRA rescue. If your dog has siblings, they can also be in the photo.
  4. You can share the cost and the photo with a friend with Goldens or GRRA rescues.
  5. Your photo may be seasonal, snow, fall leaves, the beach, Halloween, Fourth of July, etc. It should be either cute, interesting, funny, beautiful or just a great photo.
  6. If your dog went to the Rainbow Bridge, he/she can be featured on our Rainbow Bridge page. Submit $35 per photo for the Rainbow Bridge. It should be a vertical/portrait photo, preferably a head shot. These photos will be produced in a smaller format, depending on how many entries we have.

    Send a check to:

    Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta
    P.O. Box 7743
    Atlanta, GA 30357

    Or donate via Paypal and indicate it's for the Calendar Rainbow Bridge

The contest runs from June 1 to August 15. Remember, this is a fundraiser so be generous. Winners will receive a free calendar or calendars based on their bid amount. Calendars will be unveiled and on sale at the Rescue Romp on October 13.

All the profits raised from the calendar will go directly to help our orphaned Golden Retrievers. Your donation is tax deductible.

Sunny Goldendoodle Needs Your Help

Sunny is a 3 1/2 year old Goldendoodle that was one of five that GRRA took in as owner surrenders to save them from the kind of life they had been leading. All were skinny, and Sunny at only 36 lbs, was smelly, very matted, with fleas and ticks. Sunny was a little skittish and had been shaved, so she looked like anything but a Goldendoodle. She was diagnosed with Anaplasmosis, a tick borne disease, and Ehrlichia. After vetting she was bathed and treated for her illness, given antibiotics and good nutrition. After many weeks, tests and bloodwork she was finally spayed. Sunny ended up being rushed to a specialist in the middle of the night due to excessive bleeding because her blood was not clotting properly and she needed fluids and a transfusion. Her platelet count is too low and she is listless and losing weight. She is pretty much in Intensive Care and the estimate for her care is already up to $5,000.

Sunny in a cone

Sunny has not had an easy life and GRRA promised to make her life better. We are a not for profit all volunteer organization, and in order to keep saving dogs we rely on our fundraising and donations from people like you who love dogs. If you can help, please share with everyone you know, skip a coffee or two this week and make a donation to help Sunny. You can donate anonymously if you prefer. You can donate via Paypal or a Credit Card using the button below or you can mail a check to GRRA at P. O. Box 7743 Atlanta, GA 30357.

Update on Bella Mae

Bella Mae had her surgery and followup physical therapy. The best news is that she was adopted and goes back and forth with her adopter from home and to her second beach home. Thanks to you, we reached 39% of our goal, or $2,560 of the $6,600 needed. Our fundraiser is over and we appreciate all of you who donated. Bella Mae still has a little limp now and then when she gets tired, but she has a pain free quality of life now and a loving home. We can't ask for more than that.

Bella Mae at the beach

Spotlight on ....Ziggy!



Ziggy loves being with his people and never leaves their side for very long. He will chase anything that moves in the yard and is curious about any usual sights or smells.

We think his previous owners didn't provide much discipline, but he is willing to learn. He has definitely learned where we keep his treats and will sit and look at them when he would like to have some.

He has the softest fur that we've ever felt on a dog which makes petting him that much more enjoyable. He really just wants to be loved. He will show his love by spending as much time by your side as he can.


Bette, Ziggy's foster mom


Spotlight on.....Freddie!



Freddie loves to be with his humans or his canine family members. He is always in a room with someone or laying next to one of my dogs. He loves his toys. My house looks like I have toddlers with all the toys all over the floor. His favorites are kong tennis balls that he just holds in his mouth and squeaks and a giant stuffed caterpillar. My dogs won't play (that's just them, nothing against Freddie) so he will bring a toy and put it on my lap, letting me know that he wants to play. He does get the zoomies so a big backyard is great. On rainy days, he zooms up and down my carpeted stairs. One of his favorite backyard activities is to hunt and chase lizards. Luckily the lizards are sly enough that he's never caught one. He gets very bouncy and excited when you first come home. Once you get him a bit settled, he will flop down on the ground and rollover for a belly rub. But my favorite thing about Freddie is how loving he is. He will come up and lay his head on my lap. He loves to be scratched under his chin. In the morning, when my husband's alarm goes off, Freddie goes over to him, puts his front paws on the edge of the bed and drapes half his body over my husband, looking for some morning cuddles. Freddie has adjusted pretty well. There are still some things we are working on. The first week was very trying for me. I wasn't sure I could keep Freddie. Freddie was highly reactive toward other dogs and aggressive when we had friends come over. But with the help of GRRA trainers, I realized that Freddie has just been through a lot and he needed to feel safe and loved, and he needed someone to show him how he should behave. Freddie reminded me that some dogs need a little extra patience, perseverance, and problem solving. Here's an example. Yesterday, Freddie saw a couple of new things in my home that made him very reactive (barking and lunging). One was a Roomba type vacuum and the other was a stationary bike. Both of these have been in my home since he came, but he's never seen them on. So now over the next few weeks, I will need to work with him by putting the leash on that I use of training, turn these items on, and desensitize him. I will show him how I expect him to behave around these things by using the "watch me" command and rewarding him with treats when he is calm. I think the heightened stress from these new things carried over into his walk this morning. He was more reactive than normal (barking and lunging) to other dogs. This behavior on walks was a huge problem when he first came to me but we have worked through it and usually walks in my neighborhood are very peaceful and relaxing. Now, walking on a path or a trail is a different story. Through trial and error/ problem solving, I have found the best way to walk him on a high traffic path is to have a gentle leader on him and a doggie backpack that's weighted just a bit. The backpack seems to settle him and the gentle leader helps me control him if he gets reactive. I know this is way more information than you need but I wanted to show how his new owner will need to be willing to work with him to help him reach his potential. He is very loving and loyal and needs someone who will bond with him and help him be the best version of Freddie. Freddie is completely housebroken. And, although he has a history of separation anxiety and destruction, I have not experienced any of that. But he does have 2 mature, well behaved dogs home with him and I'm not typically gone for very long at a time (4 to 5 hours max). I also gate off part of the house and keep the dogs in the kitchen/living room area. Freddie jumped my fence several times when he first came, but again, I've worked with him and haven't had any issues for the last several weeks. Here's what I'm looking for in his new home.

*Freddie needs exercise - a big backyard to run and a couple of long walks each day. *He needs discipline and structure - show him how you expect him to behave. He is very smart and will respond. *He needs love and affection - but make sure he’s settled first otherwise he gets too excited and jumps. *Ideally, Freddie would be in a home with another playful dog or at least another slightly older dog that serves as a good role model for him. If no other dogs, he needs someone who has a flexible schedule and can work from home part of the day. *Due to his high energy, older kids would be best (or no kids). I feel like Freddie is one of those dogs that will love and challenge you, but in the end you will have a strong bond where you will learn to read him and he will learn to read you, and just eye contact or a slight tug of the leash sends a message that Freddie understands. But you have to invest in building that bond. Luckily, I've already worked through and problem solved some of his more challenging behaviors and I can pass on everything I've learned!


Tina , his foster mom

P.S. In one of the photos, you will notice Freddie's unique markings with a stripe of black around his middle. The shelter he came from researched and said Freddie has a somatic skin cell mutation which causes the unique coloring.


Happy Tales-Cooper


I found out about Cooper on the GRRA website, and from my Adoption Coordinator. I had been looking for a male English Creme Golden for 6 months, or so, to no avail. His website picture was of him lying on the floor, but there was something about his eyes that exuded “potential”! His wonderful foster family set up a meet and greet near Piedmont Park and when I saw him walking up the sidewalk he had such a swag and confidence that I was smitten with right away. A short time later, a meet and greet was scheduled at my house for Cooper to meet my Border Collie/Lab mix, Zoe. They enjoyed running and chasing one another in the wooded backyard; Cooper seemed to think he had his own, private park! Next came the hard part....waiting for the foster family to decide where Cooper would have his forever home. Once the call came that Cooper and Zoe would be siblings, I was overjoyed. Almost 3 months have passed and Cooper has had quite a journey starting out as a puppy mill dog from Ohio, taken from his Mom and litter mates at 6 weeks old, being shipped to a pet store, being purchased by a family where he was aggressively bullied, to GRRA, and now in his forever home.


His favorite activities are WWE smackdowns with Zoe (Zoe always wins even though she only weighs 35 pounds), chasing/retrieving tennis balls, digging holes in the mulch, stalking birds, going on rides— especially to the pet store, meeting new friends, and being a superstar at obedience training. Sounds like a Golden! Cooper is my 3rd Golden from GRRA ( my first was a private adoption from Dalton, GA) and like those who have come before him and passed over Rainbow Bridge, he continues to teach resilience, to keep looking forward, and to be HAPPY, no matter how much dog hair is on the comforter! He is BBE -Best Boy Ever.

Sharon Roth


Donate to Bella Mae’s Medical Fund

UPDATE (Mon, Jun 3, 2019): Bella Mae had her surgery and followup physical therapy. The best news is that she was adopted and goes back and forth with her adopter from home and to her second beach home. Thanks to you, we reached 39% of our goal, or $2,560 of the $6,600 needed. Our fundraiser is over and we appreciate all of you who donated. Bella Mae still has a little limp now and then when she gets tired, but she has a pain free quality of life now and a loving home. We can't ask for more than that.

Bella Mae at the beach

Bella Mae is a beautiful purebred Golden Retriever who has had a rough couple of years. She had an elderly owner at one time who could no longer care for her and then her next owner had to move away so she was surrendered to GRRA. Somewhere along the line Bella Mae had some type of trauma to her leg.

Bella Mae

Bella Mae has had painful legs for quite a while and has been limping around. At only 2 1/2 years old, it is sad to watch one so young in pain. A specialist was contacted and tests and X-rays were taken. The result is that Bella Mae was probably hit by a car at some point with ankle and knee trauma, and in addition she had two bad hips, making it all the more difficult for her to walk. We discussed amputation but with bad hips that would have put too much stress on one bad hip. We wanted what was best for Bella Mae so on April 4, she had Ortho Biolateral FHO surgery (both hips). She will have months of physical therapy starting next week. It is estimated that her care so far, including the surgery and the cost of physical therapy for sweet Bella Mae, will be a whopping $6,600. As always the quality of the care we give our orphans is not affected by how high the bill will be, but it does affect how many dogs with expensive conditions we can take in.

If you would like to donate to Bella Mae's surgery and rehab cost, it would be greatly appreciated and will help ensure GRRA doesn't have to say no when the next expensive medical situation is presented.

Spotlight on Honey



My name is Honey and I absolutely loves to go for walks/hikes. I think it is my favorite part of the day besides breakfast and dinner.

Yes I am sure that you can tell by my pics that I am a bit of a foodie so my foster parents have put me on a green bean and dog food diet until I get my girlish figure back. I didn’t get any walks in my prior home so unfortunately I have packed on a few pounds.

I really love my big brother, but I think I overwhelm him just a bit. I get too excited and play just a bit too rough for him. He is working on my training with me. I am a smart girl so I am picking up on his cues and getting better but still have a lot to learn.


When I meet you I may seem a bit standoffish but once I get to know you I will be your best friend forever. I think I am just a bit unsure about how new people will treat me. I never forget a face though, especially ones that has given me treats and or a belly rub. I am a love bug and will just stare into your eyes forever if you rub my chest or behind my ears and will give you kisses as my way of saying thanks.


Oh and I forgot to mention that I really enjoy being outside, there is so much to see and do and oh the smells. And by the way if you haven’t tried it yet squirrel chasing is the best.

My foster mom and dad say that I am great in the house. Not sure what that means exactly, but I don’t play with anything except my toys and try not to make a mess. They have this thing called a dog door, what a great invention. I can go outside anytime I want, who could ask for better.

I know sit and stay, but apparently I am not really great on the come command or maybe I just don’t know what my name is yet. I hear them calling someone to come, but not sure that it is me, so most of the time I just wait until them come and find me. I heard my foster parents say that they think that I have selective hearing (not sure what that is) or that I really don’t know what my name is so they are working with me on this with TREATS. Maybe I am smarter than they think.

I would love to find a new home where I could continue learning to be the best dog I can be even if it takes going to school. I know that I have a few things to work on, but lets face it who doesn’t. The one thing I can tell you for sure is that I will try my best to make your life the greatest it can be with new adventures around every corner.

Let’s do some zoomies together.

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