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Chronic ear infections and Golden Retrievers. Sounds pretty familiar, right? It seems like no matter what time of of year it is, your poor Golden is a never-ending cyclone of scratching and clawing at those adorable ears of theirs --- with no end in sight.

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No worries! Dr. Shepherd and his wonderful staff at North Roswell Vet Clinic are on-duty with our monthly "Golden Health" blog question to respond to our GRRA supporters who have asked about ear infections and what they could try to do to help their furry best friend.

If this is a year round problem, the number one thing we think of is a food allergy and a prescription limited ingredient diet may make a difference.

There are some of these that you can find "over the counter" but we cannot guarantee they are not manufactured with non-limited ingredient diets. Always look at those dog food labels! They truly tell the tale. Seeing exactly what the leading ingredient is listed as is key in a lot of these types of infection cases.

It is safe to give dogs Benadryl at 1mg per pound but it is usually not effective for a long period of time and can make them drowsy. For short bouts in spring / fall seasons, it might however do the trick.

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You can try routine ear cleaning, especially if they are a swimmer in the summer months, but cleaning changes the flora of the ear and we do not recommend for any "normal" ears. That might make things worse before they make things better unfortunately.

Daily cleaning only removes the debris. It does not help the dog if there is a yeast or bacterial infection involved. That's a situation that needs to be checked-out by your Vet.

Allergies in dogs is a chronic problem that we see. There are very safe drugs now available to the veterinary world that your Vet could prescribe that help relieve allergies other than having to chose steroid options. Your Golden will feel better in no time!

Thanks so much, Dr. Shepherd. Do you have any basic Golden Retriever health questions that you'd like to ask the helpful staff at North Roswell Vet Clinic? Please submit a "Golden Health" blog comment on this GRRA Facebook post and we'll be happy to pass them along. Have a great Golden Health Day, everyone!

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