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Meet Zebediah. That’s really too formal of a name for this boy who prefers to be called Zeb. Zeb is a good boy who is near perfect – he loves his family, other dogs and cats. Zeb is also unabashedly a real snuggle bunny.


Unfortunately for Zeb and his loving family, he developed an internal blockage which required surgery. Because his family couldn’t afford the necessary surgery, they tearfully surrendered Zeb to GRRA.

The good and the bad is that GRRA is committed to helping this five year old “pup” who has so much to give back. After 3 surgeries in less than a week, Zeb was sore, scared, and ready to go to a foster home to get some TLC. He doesn’t like to be alone and only desires to lie near his people.


GRRA has promised Zeb that we’ll take care of him and we need your help. The 3 urgent surgeries was a result of an infection that was resistant to anti-biotics causing his surgical wound to open. He was put on new meds and doing great.

We couldn’t turn away this gentle boy with the soulful eyes and his surgeries when his hospital charges have added up to over $6,000.00. We know the love people have for Goldens, especially those that need your help. Won’t you please consider donating to Zeb’s surgery and care? No amount is too small and 100% of donations will go toward his bills and care. Thank you from all of us a GRRA.


Please consider donating directly to Zeb’s medical expenses
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