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Chloe may be the youngest fundraiser for GRRA. Her lemonade stand brought in over $38! She is in kindergarten, loves gymnastics, playing outside with friends and ART! Her dogs, Charley and Reesie, are her passion. She loves to snuggle with them, give treats to them, and take them for walks. Fourth-grade brother, Ben, feels the same love for Reesie and Charley, considering them a furry brother and sister.


An interview with Chloe

Nancy Baumann: What inspired you to raise money for GRRA?

Chloe Trussell: Because I love my dogs.

NB: How did you decide to have a lemonade stand?

CT: Because it was spring, and it was warm outside, and because I love lemonade.

NB: Who came to the lemonade stand?

CT: My friends came and bought lemonade and my neighbors did too.

NB: Did the customers know you were raising money for a special cause?

CT: Yes, we told them. I also wrote it on my sign.

NB: Is this the first time you raised money for a cause?

CT: No, I had another lemonade stand in the fall and gave the money to GRRA. I also did Jump Rope for Heart at my school and raised money for the American Heart Association.

NB: How old were you when you had the lemonade stand, and did your friends help you?

CT: I was 6, I turn 7 in October. Yes, my friends helped me. They are in kindergarten and first grade and live in my neighborhood.

NB: What do you want to do when you grow up?

CT: I want to work at a dog rescue.

NB: Do you own a Golden Retriever?

CT: Yes, I do. Charley is from GRRA and is two and a half. Reesie is from Adopt a Golden-Birmingham and is a little older than Charley. My parents had another Golden named Sadie but she died before I was born. They also had a bulldog, Ally, but she died when I was three.

Thank you, Chloe, for all your hard work!

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