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VOM Volunteer of the month? Surely not me as there are so many others who contribute much more to the day to day success of GRRA. But rather than simply declining an undeserved honor I decided that I would accept the recognition – on behalf of all of the GRRA Finance Team!

Serving as a Director and Treasurer of GRRA for the past three and a half years has been made possible only by the strong support of the large group of highly qualified individuals who provide all of the business record keeping that allows our dog-facing volunteers to do their job properly. In alphabetical order, the current Finance Team consists of:

Cathie Andress – processing of PayPal transactions and transfers to our bank account
Sherry Blanton – thank you notes for donations
Tina Hudgins – accounting records postings and bank reconciliations
Louise Sghiatti – processing checks for payments to vets and other GRRA expenses
Carol Shipley – picking up mail at our PO box, making cash deposits, and preparing grant applications
Natalie Shpigel – preparation of annual dog calendar and paper membership-renewal newsletter
Meredith Ussery – Salesforce entries for donations, etc.

Some of these Team members contribute in other ways to GRRA's success such as Carol's frequent fostering activities. And while all of the Team members should receive equal recognition, one is "more equal than others." That's my Assistant Treasurer and right hand person, Kate Lipchiz.

Kate was Treasurer before me and patiently trained me to assume my duties (I'm still in training over three years later!). More important, she's stayed involved with the Team to help recruit new members, train them in their new assignments, and always be available to answer questions no matter how large or small. She also digs in to help with many of the specific finance activities such as overseeing the accounting records postings and working with Natalie on the annual dog calendar and paper newsletter. With her great knowledge of GRRA's history, she has truly bailed me out several times when specific issues seemed to pose impossible challenges. In short, I couldn't have done the Treasurer job without Kate's significant behind the scenes help.

Thanks to all of the Finance Team and particular thanks to Kate!

I first became aware of GRRA many years ago when my wife and I were looking to adopt a Golden after the death of one of ours. At that time we lucked into a private adoption so we didn't need to complete the GRRA process. But I stayed in touch, made a few donations, and read the regular newsletter. When I saw that a new Treasurer was needed, I thought that was an area where I could help with my accounting background.

Last year we were able to adopt Baylee from GRRA – a now nearly four year-old mix of Golden Retriever and Collie with a little Great Pyrenees tossed in! Thanks George Ellis and Susan Swartz for your work in bringing Baylee to us. Baylee is still a work in process as he doesn't have the same warm and friendly behavior of a typical Golden – but he's getting better. And after all, our adopting him is what GRRA is all about – providing a forever home for a deserving dog and growing to love one another over time.

Thanks to GRRA for giving me this wonderful opportunity to serve.

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