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The start of a brand new year is usually the time when you sit down and think about all of the resolutions that you'd like to keep for the upcoming months. This annual list tends to be a pretty standard one, doesn't it?

The truth is ---- this same list goes for your Golden Retriever as well. If you were to ask your furry best friend what they would want more than anything else in the new year, feeling good and hanging out with you as much as possible are certainly high on their list. Count on it.

With that in mind, here is a New Year's Resolution list from your Golden to you and your family of what would make them the happiest in 2017.

Eating healthier ---- Next time you are with your Vet for your Golden's check-up, ask about the food you're giving your dog. Discuss the ingredients and mix of meat/vegetable combos in your particular brand to ensure your Golden is eating a healthy diet. Also, talk about food amounts you're putting out everyday as well to see if you are hitting the proper cupfuls for your specific dog's weight.

Exercise more ---- Walk! Walk! Walk! Your own doctor probably tells you to exercise more each year. Why not make it a promise to your Golden that both of you head out each day for a stroll? It's "win/win" as you'll both feel better and get a great amount of stress-relieving time outdoors in the fresh air. Your dog needs exercise to feel their best and it will do a world of good for you as well.

Spending quality time with loved ones ---- As we all know, Golden Retrievers are PEOPLE DOGS. Their humans are the most important things in the entire world to them. Bonding time each day with your dog gives them a sense of calm, support, love, and knowing they are truly part of a stable pack. This consistency of caring enables your Golden to be happy and feel secure within their home.

Plan a family vacation ---- Well, your Golden is certainly part of the family. So why not take your dog with you on your annual road trip? There are tons of rental properties at the beach, the mountains, or pretty much anywhere you and your group want to go where your dog can stay, too. Check out websites that denote "pet-friendly" locations. There are also many helpful links that give tips on what to bring with you on your driving adventure to ensure your Golden is taken care of on the road. You know they want to go with you anyway. Plus you'll feel so much better knowing they are with you and not alone.

From all of us at GRRA, we'd like to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy new year. And thank you again for all of the wonderful support you've given to the organization. Over 80 Golden Retrievers found loving forever homes in 2016 and we can't thank you enough for making that happen. Happy 2017, everyone!

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