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Allow me to introduce Ranger Ivan. Ranger Ivan's Dad made the heart-wrenching decision to find a new home for Ranger when he had to move to Alaska and couldn't take Ranger with him. Ranger has had the good life! His Dad adopted him as a puppy (AKC-- all golden in breed and spirit) and doted on him for the 11 years they were together. Ranger was used to going for long walks and swims with his Dad and learned all the good behavior of a great companion.

Ranger Ivan

In November, Ranger Ivan came to me for fostering. I have a 16 year old goldenish dog, Toby, who would quite prefer to have me to himself during his retirement, but seems satisfied to share his home with rescues now and then. I assumed 11-year old Ranger Ivan would fit in well with the geriatric household. However, Ranger has some sprite left in him! He seems like a puppy to Toby (who is hard to distinguish from a piece of furniture some days).

Ranger is one of those dogs who LOVES people. I mean, he absolutely LOVES them. You know the type-- the pup who wags his tail as soon as someone makes eye contact with him. The type who enthusiastically shoves his nose into someone's lap. The type that looks longingly at people passing by when he's on a walk-- hoping someone will make eye contact so he can wag his tail and shove his nose under their hand.

For the first three weeks I had him, Ranger was getting over an ear infection. That didn't slow him down. We went for two-mile walks in downtown Decatur every day. He wears his Christmas light leash and his "Adopt Me" vest and, proudly, gets lots of attention. When he had surgery to be neutered and have a small, superficial, benign mass removed, we couldn't walk. That was okay with him. He would look at me and ask for a walk, but after a few minutes would settle down for a snooze at my feet. Did I say at my feet? I meant on my feet. He often sits at the base of the couch with his bum resting on the top of my feet.

I'll post more... More about how he does getting baths (great!), sharing his food/toys, getting along with cats, walking on a leash, and his house manners. Please pass this along to anyone you know who may be interested in a companion. Ranger is a true companion and will adore you more than you will adore him. He is a gem. And a very young and healthy 11-year old! Check out for more information on how you can adopt Ranger.

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