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It's that magical time of year again! The wonderful holiday season. Thinking about some fun things to do with your Golden Retriever over the next couple of weeks? Here are a few ideas that can involve everyone in your entire family.

Get a holiday picture taken with your Golden. It can be either with Santa or in front of the fireplace at home or even just outside playing in the backyard. However you celebrate the holidays, your Golden Retriever can be part of the action. And what a fun way to remember a particular moment with family and friends by having your furry pal by your side.

Make a special holiday dinner for your Golden. There are many helpful resources online that denote safe and healthy meals that you can make for your dog that do not include simple table scraps from your meal. Certain "human food" items are bad for dogs so be sure you are serving non-toxic choices to keep them safe. Your dog will appreciate the yummy holiday dinner and you'll feel all warm inside knowing you did a truly nice thing for your buddy.

Open presents together with your Golden. Why not include your dog in the fun and excitement of seeing all the goodies you received? Invite them to sit with you and be a part of the family gathering as everyone exchanges gifts and spends time telling stories and sharing moments. Your dog will love the positive vibe of the room and feel completely included and loved.

Take your Golden on a holiday walk with your family. You grab your gloves, hats, scarfs, boots, etc. before you head out this time of year ---- so bring along your dog as well. They'll want to be with you anyway, plus it will give them a chance at some additional and beneficial exercise and time with their favorite people. Also, for those car trips that are necessary to see family and friends, be sure to take your dog with you then as well. They miss Grandma as much as you do. And Grandma will be happy to see your furry best friend, too.

Remember to include your Golden Retriever in your busy plans over the next couple of weeks. You'll be so glad you did. Please have a safe and enjoyable time and Happy Holidays to everyone from GRRA!

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