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For most, Thanksgiving means family gatherings with an abundance of delicious food for everyone. And even though we want to include our Golden Retriever in on the celebration, unfortunately some of our holiday food is not safe for them.

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Prevention is the absolute best option to keeping our Goldens safe and healthy ----- not to mention the best way for you to have a restful and happy turkey day.

To help keep your Golden Retriever safe, here is a list of food items to be aware of during your Thanksgiving holiday weekend:

Fatty foods such as butter, bacon, fatty meat drippings, gravies, and meat scraps may seem harmless but can actually pose very real threats of making your Golden Retriever sick.

Discarded food items such as corn cobs, turkey trussing’s, and turkey bones can result in an obstructive risk or gastrointestinal injury that have the potential of requiring surgical removal or repair.

Brine is also something to be very careful about. Who would have thought that the popular trend of brining your turkey prior to Thanksgiving would be a risk to your Golden? When you remove the turkey, this salt-saturated solution can be very attractive to dogs who will readily lap it up resulting in salt toxicosis in their system.

Xylitol is always something to be mindful of around your Golden Retriever. Candies, desserts, or other foods that are sweetened with an artificial sweetener called xylitol are dangerous to dogs. Xylitol can result in a rapid drop in blood sugar in dogs. Xylitol is very commonly used in sugar-free or low-sugar baked goods, vitamins, and even certain types of peanut butter. Always check the labels when you are baking.

Raisins and grapes found in some of our favorite Thanksgiving foods are a very serious concern for dogs as they have the risk of resulting in acute renal failure with even small ingestions.

Chocolates in our desserts or treats can be very dangerous to our dogs. Remember that the darker the chocolate, the more serious the ingestion ----- meaning the less they will need to ingest to develop vomiting, diarrhea, or an increased heart rate.

Nuts are high in fat and have the risk of pancreatitis. Macadamia nuts are more serious and can result in vomiting, diarrhea, and the inability to rise and/or walk normally.

If you think that your Golden Retriever has ingested something poisonous or harmful, it is always easier, less expensive, and safer for your dog to be treated as early as possible rather than waiting for severe clinical signs to occur. Call Pet Poison Control or your Emergency Vet Staff immediately if you see any issues at all.

Please have a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at GRRA. We hope you have a great weekend with your family and friends ----- especially your furry ones.

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