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Congratulations to Carol Cain, the October Volunteer of the Month! Carol is a foster that has also has chipped in performing other important tasks, such as transports, dog walking and training. After being told she was the October Volunteer of the Month, Carol said, “I am totally surprised and flattered to be the Volunteer of the Month. It is an honor I don’t take lightly and I share with my husband, Bob, and our two “boys” (dogs), Simpson and Hank.”

Carol started volunteering in GRRA in January of 2015. After talking with someone who was a foster, Carol became interested in the possibility of becoming a foster too. Previously, Carol and Bob raised service puppies for both Guiding Eyes for the Blind and Canine Companions for Independence so they had a good idea of what was involved in fostering. She and Bob discussed it and they decided that Carol’s love of dogs and her flexible schedule would be a perfect fit for fostering.

At that time, Simpson was their only dog. He was one of the service puppies they raised that wasn’t able to finish the complete service dog program. He was wonderful with the service puppies so they figured he would do well with the foster dogs. The entire Cain family jumped in to volunteer with GRRA and they haven’t looked back! In fact, they added another family member, Hank, a GRRA golden, to their pack in 2015. Both Simpson and Hank are great foster brothers to the GRRA dogs that come through their house.

Carol was recently involved in an incredible GRRA success story starring Aimee, a dog that had been adopted and returned more than once. Aimee had multiple issues including reported dog aggression, so she couldn’t be placed immediately in a foster home.

A great team of volunteers worked to help Aimee become adoptable. Carol made the commitment to go pick Aimee up from the boarding facility every day and bring her back to her neighborhood to walk her and to work on her training. Aimee was quite overweight and this activity, along with a change in her diet, started her on a remarkable weight loss program. That was the beginning of the journey Aimee took and there were other volunteers and trainers that continued working to ensure Aimee would find a loving, permanent home.

Carol is quick to give credit to those people saying, “It is easy to forget there are so many people involved with these dogs. When all of the pieces fall into place and the team is able to get what is needed for the dog; be it medical intervention, training, etc. to ensure every dog has a chance of being successful, it makes it all worth while. Aimee was the personification of this.”

Carol shared the great news that Aimee is now off of her medications, is socialized and happily living in her forever home with her “Dad” that is committed to continuing her training. It is very rewarding to Carol to play a part in helping find the right person/family for the GRRA dogs.

As you can tell, Carol is passionate about dogs saying, “We are their advocates. It is my goal to help them get what they need, build on that to ensure that they get the home, family and love they deserve. There is such a need for fosters so my goal is to try to get more dog loving people committed to helping provide Goldens temporary homes.”

Thank you, Carol, for time and dedication to GRRA and to helping Goldens in need. We truly appreciate all you do.

-Submitted by Victoria Hastie

*If reading Carol’s story has inspired you to volunteer or to find out more about fostering, please email and a GRRA volunteer will be happy to talk with you. *

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