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Daisy Pup has a stricture of the esophagus - caused by a heart vessel wrapping around the esophagus - making it very difficult to swallow (both food and liquid). The surgeons will need to perform open heart surgery - in an attempt to cut off the major offending pulmonary vessel - and thus restore possibly some of her ability to swallow. She may never be 100% normal, but it is our hope they may be able to reduce the amount of closure to the esophagus - to allow her to at least be able to get adequate nutrition from high calorie liquids.

Daisy Pup

We looked at this precious face, and we just could not deny her the chance of living her life expectancy with hopefully a good quality of life. All we have to do is raise the money to pay for it. If you are thinking of making a tax deductible donation to a non profit, we hope you will choose GRRA and help little Daisy. Our goal is $6,000.

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