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UPDATE (July 11): There is another angel in heaven today as we lost our sweet Maggie to complications of idiopathic megaesophagus, the worst kind of megaesophagus, and there is no cure. Most dogs with any type of megaesophagus are in danger of getting pneumonia, and Maggie got it twice. We did everything we possibly could to save her, but she lost her battle as she continued to lose weight and got pneumonia the second time. Maggie saw a specialist several times, had many tests, surgery, and tried many medications but in the end she was too fragile and we just couldn't save her. Thank you to everyone who donated to her cause. Thank you to our medical team, her foster, and her doctors who fought so hard to save her. Fly free sweet angel at the Rainbow Bridge.

UPDATE (July 4): Maggie has had many tests run, referred to a specialist for exploratory surgery to determine if she had an intestinal blockage, or what the cause is of her intestinal distress.

Maggie is a beautiful 5 year old English Cream Golden Mix with the most expressive ears. She was sadly surrendered by her owner because she could not afford the medical care that Maggie so obviously needed to find out why she has been so ill. Maggie has a serious stomach issue that required many tests with a specialist, but still has not yet determined the problem. She can't keep food down and is going to require exploratory surgery to determine the cause of her distress. To make things even worse, poor Maggie is Heartworm Positive. We have already spent over $2,200 on Maggie and are looking to spend $1000 on her heartworm treatment, and another $4,400 on her surgery. We need over $7,700 so far, and it could be more depending on what they find during the surgery. We took Maggie knowing it was going to cost a lot to cure her, but we promised her owner we would do our best to save her.

Maggie was taken to the ER today and received more Xrays and more tests. Now they say she does has megaesophagus, esophagitis, and mild aspiration pneumonia. Essentially, the esophagus is inflamed and has lost its motility and ability to contract and move food into the stomach. They are starting Maggie on promotility agents, and keeping her on Sucralfate and Prilosec, and they will closely monitor the aspiration pneumonia. The vet said she could not see an esophageal stricture on x-ray, but that they may need to scope her on Monday to confirm. In the interim, Blue Pearl will direct treatment for megaesophagus and hopefully it will regress. Continue sending prayers her way.

We don’t want to lose Maggie and we are frantically trying to save her and restore her quality of life. Her medical bills continue to mount, so we have extended her fundraiser another 30 days. Although it is going to cost at least a couple of thousand more dollars than we originally asked for, we have not changed the goal amount. We are just trying to recoup some of what it is going to cost GRRA.

Please help us save Maggie and donate if you can.

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