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Jack and Hudson are a bonded pair, currently in a foster home. When we first met Jack and Hudson they had been surrendered to a rural shelter because the owner could no longer afford to feed them. They were so frightened that they would not come out from the corner where they huddled at the vet. They were allowed out of their crates so they could be together because they seemed to need to cuddle with each other to stop shaking. Their first time outside off leash in the fenced backyard of their foster family, they huddled in the corner together under a bush, shaking. Foster dad had to crawl under the bush to assure them they were safe now and he would protect them.

Jack and Hudson 1

Jack and Hudson have come a long way, since being in a foster home and they are very attached to their foster family as well as to each other. Hudson is very dependent on Jack--it's uncanny how bonded they are to each other. Both were unfortunately Heartworm Positive. At age 6, Jack is a couple of years older than Hudson, and was such a strong positive that he has suffered some heart damage and a couple of days ago had an emergency situation where he had to go to Blue Pearl Veterinary Specialists to have some fluid removed from his stomach and lungs to make his breathing easier. They did an echocardiogram, Chest xray, bloodwork, Lasix, cardiology consult, and new meds to add to his already $200+ per month med bill. Jack must have these meds each and every month in order to survive. We saved Jack because Hudson needs him and because he deserves this better life because his previous situation was unacceptable.

Jack and Hudson 2

GRRA has already taken care of their heartworm treatment at $2,000 for the two of them, and now we have more bills to pay. If you can spare a few dollars to help GRRA to help Jack, it would really be appreciated. We are not looking to move them right now. They still have a lot of healing left to do and their foster family is up to the challenge and is doing a great job.

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