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Hi, I’m Remington. I’m a 9-month old purebred Golden retriever. I was purchased from a breeder by a family who ended up neglecting my needs as a typical, energetic puppy. I was kept confined on an apartment balcony or kept in a crate way too small for my growing body. They put me for sale on Craigslist and a family came to see me but realized that I wasn’t right for them due to the obvious neglect I’d been going through. But they knew they couldn’t keep me there (thank goodness!), so they rescued me from that situation. So, they turned to GRRA to find me a new furever home, one that will give me the attention, love, and medical attention I deserve.

After visiting Dr. Doolittle, I, unfortunately, have early signs of hip dysplasia. With me being young and it being caught early, I’m a good candidate for hip surgery in hopes to curb the progression greatly. Hip dysplasia is hereditary, but it may have been magnified by poor nutrition, lack of exercise, and being kept in that small crate.

My friends at GRRA have opened their loving arms to help me, but they need more help from GRRA friends, supporters, and members. It can cost up to $6800 for my hip surgery and rehab. Any donations will help, big or small! I appreciate your generosity!

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