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An inquisitive looking yellow lab that has white fur on his face

Well hello there. I'm Fiyero! I’m a sweet, senior 9-year old Labrador retriever. I was an unclaimed stray in a local animal shelter, and even though I’m not a golden, GRRA immediately came to rescue me. I was not in great shape when GRRA picked me up, so I was taken to the doggy doctor to start treating me for heartworms, ear infection, and arthritis. Luckily, all of that has been treated now. I'm through my heartworm treatment and I am feeling SO MUCH better! I am still medication for arthritis which I will need to stay on, because they help tremendously.

Very importantly, I am blind, I may be able to see some shapes and light, but I have very limited vision. I use my nose and other senses to get around, so a potential adopter should be aware of this and know that I like to be near my human most of the time.

I’ve been having so much fun in my foster’s home and she has learned much about me. I have not met any cats, but since I can’t see, I may trip over them before I know they are there. I would be good with considerate children that understand my needs. I am good with other dogs, but I cannot see very well, so I don’t know if I’m getting in their space. An easy-going dog companion would be preferable to have in my new home if they also respect my space.

The same lab looking relaxed with his tongue showing

I am great walking on a leash, which is good because I should always be on leash when I'm outside so you can help steer me around obstacles. Car rides are so fun, and I appreciate you helping these old bones getting in and out of the car. I am housebroken and my foster has me on a predictable potty schedule. When you leave the house, I can be left in certain parts of the home with a reinforced gate to keep me in (no crates, please). When I am left alone, I do get a little anxious and may try to tear stuff up, but I’m on medication now to help calm me down.

I would love a fenced backyard so I can roam and explore safely, but please stay nearby because I like to always have my human close. This is also true inside the home. I am happy to follow you from room to room and settle wherever you are. Even though I’m hard of seeing, once I get used to a new place I navigate very well.

The same cute pup but this time he's investigating the camera

A home with very few to no stairs will be required, and an owner who is home most of the day would be ideal. You should also know that being blind means that I can be startled easily, and it takes time for me to warm up to new people before they can be affectionate.

My foster says she will miss me very much since I am a nice doggy, even-tempered, and willing to please. I’ll even show you when you press my ‘wag’ button on my head. When you place your hand on my head, my tail wags. Every. Single. Time.

Patiently waiting,


If you are interested in learning more about Fiyero, please contact your adoption consultant, or email!

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