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Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta

Butch and Cassidy relaxing

Butch and his sister Cassidy are typical purebred 8-week old Golden Retriever puppies, except that they were both born with birth defects that cause issues with one of their front legs. They have adapted to life without those paws and get along fine, and it sure doesn't make them less cute, does it? They were advertised on CraigsList at a discount due to their birth defects, and GRRA stepped in and got both of them so they would get the best medical attention and not fall into the wrong hands! CraigsList is a scary place for dogs and puppies.

Cassidy standing

The vet says that they will both need surgeries with amputations of that one front leg so that they can be as healthy as possible. All total this will end up being $3800 for the both of them. Fortunately, GRRA thinks they are worth it! However, we could really use your help in donating to their medical funds.

Butch being held

So I hope you have a few dollars left after your Christmas Shopping, or maybe you got some money for Christmas and you'd like to help support little Butch and Cassidy. Please donate and share with all your puppy loving friends too! Every bit helps us get the care for them that they deserve.

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