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Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta

Our newest orphan, Clarissa was an owner surrender to a rural shelter. She had a scary few minutes when she slipped out of her Martingale Collar at the vet and ran away from the transporter. She was fairly quickly captured by some awesome Vet Techs and is doing her shelter quarantine at the vet. We thought she might have recently had puppies, but SURPRISE! She is about 3-4 weeks pregnant and will have puppies in another 3-4 weeks. She is chillin for the weekend because she is scared and very stressed because of her ordeal. Heartworm status will be determined in a few days.


We desperately need a foster who is willing to take a pregnant mama and eventually her puppies for a few weeks. The last mama we had stayed in isolation at the vet and tied up the isolation ward for 6 weeks. All our puppy fosters were exhausted from our last couple of litters. As a result our vet bill was over $8,000!

We need fosters and money to prepare for the expense. We took in Clarissa, who appears to be a Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab mix, because we were afraid for her future, and she is lucky we did. If you can help, please consider making a donation or applying to volunteer so you can foster dogs in need like her.

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