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Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta

  1. Submit your bid amount (minimum of $100 for a full month) using the form below. No payment is necessary at this time; we will contact you once your photo is accepted.
  2. Send two horizontal/landscape photos of your dog(s) to Make sure they are the highest resolution you can, in focus, and do not crop or cut off any paws, ears, or tail. Look at your background - make sure there are no dirty clothes or trash on the floor, wires, etc. No humans in the photo please. We are also looking for a great calendar cover photo. The best photos are usually taken outside in natural light.
  3. Subject must be either a Golden Retriever, or a GRRA rescue. If your dog has siblings, they can also be in the photo.
  4. You can share the cost and the photo with a friend with Goldens or GRRA rescues.
  5. Your photo may be seasonal, snow, fall leaves, the beach, Halloween, Fourth of July, etc. It should be either cute, interesting, funny, beautiful or just a great photo.
  6. If your dog went to the Rainbow Bridge, he/she can be featured on our Rainbow Bridge page. Submit $35 per photo for the Rainbow Bridge. It should be a vertical/portrait photo, preferably a head shot. These photos will be produced in a smaller format, depending on how many entries we have.

    Send a check to:

    Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta
    P.O. Box 7743
    Atlanta, GA 30357

    Or donate via Paypal and indicate it's for the Calendar Rainbow Bridge

The contest runs from June 1 to August 15. Remember, this is a fundraiser so be generous. Winners will receive a free calendar or calendars based on their bid amount. Calendars will be unveiled and on sale at the Rescue Romp on October 13.

All the profits raised from the calendar will go directly to help our orphaned Golden Retrievers. Your donation is tax deductible.

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