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Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta

Sunny is a 3 1/2 year old Goldendoodle that was one of five that GRRA took in as owner surrenders to save them from the kind of life they had been leading. All were skinny, and Sunny at only 36 lbs, was smelly, very matted, with fleas and ticks. Sunny was a little skittish and had been shaved, so she looked like anything but a Goldendoodle. She was diagnosed with Anaplasmosis, a tick borne disease, and Ehrlichia. After vetting she was bathed and treated for her illness, given antibiotics and good nutrition. After many weeks, tests and bloodwork she was finally spayed. Sunny ended up being rushed to a specialist in the middle of the night due to excessive bleeding because her blood was not clotting properly and she needed fluids and a transfusion. Her platelet count is too low and she is listless and losing weight. She is pretty much in Intensive Care and the estimate for her care is already up to $5,000.

Sunny in a cone

Sunny has not had an easy life and GRRA promised to make her life better. We are a not for profit all volunteer organization, and in order to keep saving dogs we rely on our fundraising and donations from people like you who love dogs. If you can help, please share with everyone you know, skip a coffee or two this week and make a donation to help Sunny. You can donate anonymously if you prefer. You can donate via Paypal or a Credit Card using the button below or you can mail a check to GRRA at P. O. Box 7743 Atlanta, GA 30357.

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